What Muscles Do Bench Press For Women Work? Benefits Of Bench Press

The bench press is a powerful exercise that can boost your strength and confidence. Let’s explore how bench presses can empower you to embrace power, stamina, and success.

The bench press is a strengthening exercise that can build and strengthen your chest, shoulder, and arm muscles.

What Is Bench Press?

It will train your upper body to gain strength and power so that you can energetically perform your daily job and duties. You won’t get tired quickly since the bench press improves your stamina. You have to consider the following things before doing bench press,

 Bench Press For Women

  • Bench press requires free weights or barbells.
  • Don’t bench press alone to avoid accidents. It is recommended to have a spotter.
  • You need to correct your posture before bench pressing.
  • Try to lift weights you are comfortable with. Do not lift heavy weights, if you are not comfortable with it. 
  • Do not overdo it.
  • Take 1 to 2 minutes of rest after each set.

Muscles Worked By Bench Press

Doing bench presses will benefit your upper body. If you are doing it in the right way, the bench press will help build muscles like,

  • The pectoralis major muscle: It is the large and fan-shaped thick muscle in the anterior chest wall.
  • The deltoid muscle: It is the muscle that protects your shoulder joints. The deltoid is located on your shoulder. It is the muscle that connects your arm to your body.
  • The triceps brachii: The Triceps brachii controls the movement of your elbow. It is a thick and large muscle. The triceps brachii will look like a horseshoe, and it is on the dorsal surface of the upper arm.
  • The biceps: The biceps or biceps brachii is a two-joint muscle located on the front side of your upper arm.
  • The serratus anterior muscle: The serratus anterior muscle helps with respiration. It is located on the chest and it originates from the side of the chest.

Bench press helps to build all these muscles. You have to do different variations of bench presses to train all these muscles. Some variations include,

  • Traditional bench press
  • Incline bench press
  • Decline bench press
  • Close grip bench press
  • Narrow grip bench press
  • Reverse grip bench press
  • Dumbbell bench press
  • Floor press

If you are a beginner in bench press, it will be helpful to have a trainer. Since bench press involves weights, beginners are vulnerable to injuries. Having a trainer during the beginning stages of your bench press journey will help you learn the correct techniques for doing bench presses. 

Potential Benefits Of Bench Press 

The bench press is known for its health benefits. Both men and women can do bench presses. Studies have proven that bench presses can improve your overall strength and well-being. Benefits of bench press include,

  • It improves your upper body strength. Traditional bench press and its variation can train different muscles on your upper body.
  • The bench press can burn the fat on the back of your arms.
  • Since bench press involves lifting weights, it can strengthen your core muscles as well.

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The bench press has a lot of benefits. You have to do it properly to achieve all the benefits. As a beginner look for a trainer to start your bench press routine. Do all the variations to utilize the full potential of the bench press regimen.

If you have health conditions such as hypertension, seizure, and heart-related health problems, consult your doctor before performing bench press exercises. Remember not to obsess over doing the bench press workout. Doing it too much can result in adverse effects.

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