Vaseline For Hair: Is It Safe To Use Petroleum On Hair?

Long hairs are the Centre of attraction and admiration. Healthy hair gives mental health to the carrier. It doesn’t matter if the hair is long, shiny or thick. What matters is the health of the scalp and the products used for hair conditioning. If you basically prefer using recommended products without verifying the authenticity and efficiency of those products, you are putting your health at risk. There are many viral stories about Vaseline and petroleum jelly for hair growth, strength and beauty. The question is “Does it really work?”

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Understanding Vaseline And Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline are moisturizers used for skin inflammation, to prevent rashes and for glowing skin. It can be used as lubricant to stop surfaces from sticking together.

Petroleum jelly also called petrolatum is a combination of mineral oil and waxes that result in a semi jelly-like substance.

Petroleum jelly’s benefits are derived from its major ingredient petroleum which helps seal skin with a water-protective barrier that assists in healing and retaining moisture.

Petroleum jelly is a substance used in making moisturiser. Vaseline is made using petroleum jelly but the difference is the original Vaseline is triple purified and gentle on sensitive skin. 

Is Vaseline Good For Hair?

Vaseline has numerous benefits. Many people use Vaseline on their hair while others are perplexed whether it is good for hair or not. There are people who believe that Vaseline can be used for hair growth but scientifically there is no proven fact that shows that Vaseline can boost hair growth even in bald regions. Vaseline has no active ingredients that can promote the process of hair growth. However, Vaseline has benefits to hairs which are:

Is Vaseline Good For Hair

  • Vaseline can be used on frizzy hair as a styling gel helping the hair to relax freely.
  • Using Vaseline on dry hairs will moisturise the hair and make it greasy.
  • Vaseline can be used to reduce the appearance of split ends.
  • When going swimming, try using Vaseline as it will prevent hair dryness.
  • It can prevent breakage in eyebrows.
  • It can make eyebrows look longer and thicker.

Reactions Of Vaseline On Hairs

Vaseline should not be used more than once a week for healthy hair. Ensure to use Vaseline in small quantities. Vaseline can do more harm than good to the hair when used in large quantities and when not cleansed properly.

Vaseline left on hair scalp can create a breeding ground for bacteria and also block hair follicles, leading to reduction in hair growth.

Beneficially, Vaseline can help prevent hair breakage but it should be removed from the scalp . If not, the hair strands will become greasy, tangled and broken.

Vaseline has outstanding benefits no doubt but remember the origin_ petrolatum which is mineral oil and waxes. It must be removed from hair using baking soda, shampoo and activated charcoal because the natural protecting mechanism of the body cannot get rid of it.

Is It Safe To Use Petroleum On Hair

Vaseline, a triple purified product of petroleum, has initially been highlighted as being beneficial but renders negative reactions which means that petroleum on hair will not be so safe. Not to be avoided 

completely but to be used minimally. Petroleum jelly is not ultimately bad for hair because it doesn’t penetrate the hair and act as an external coating rather, its major function is to protect the hair from factors that can damage it but it does not fix damaged hair.

Ensure you don’t leave petroleum jelly overnight; the chemical in it can cause hair damage. Quite true, petrolatum is used in hair products but the purpose is to act as a beautifying agent that  boost and shine the appearance of hair making it look attractive and admirable.


Vaseline can be used for treatments of burnt skin, rashes from diapers and prevention of hair breakage. It is essential to always wash it off from the scalp to avoid hair breakage, dandruff and other hair related issues. When hair is exposed to the sun, pool water and wind, it can make the hair dry causing split ends. Petroleum jelly can be used to prevent split ends, making the hair shiny and greasy. 

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