Ultra Detox Reviews: (Scam) Ensure You Read This Before Using It!

Do you know that your gut health is important when it comes to weight loss? Your gut microbiome helps break down food and assists in better digestion which leads to weight loss. Although we understand the phenomenon, choosing a gut health support supplement has been a task as the marketplace is filled with skeptical detox supplements like Ultra Detox.

According to the team behind the development of the supplement, Ultra Detox is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that support detoxification, colon health, and weight loss.  Nevertheless, it is hard to say whether or not Ultra Detox is capable of delivering at least one of these outcomes as there is no evidence to prove the capacity of the formula. There are numerous Ultra Detox reviews available online, however, none have put the supplement into the wringer before. But today, I will give it a try.

Ultra Detox Reviews: Does It Actually Promote Gut Health Or Are These Just Claims?

Ultra Detox supplement does look legit at first sight, however, none of the claims made on the website is backed with evidence. That is why I am highly skeptical of this so-called gut health supplement. In this Ultra Detox review, I will take you through every aspect of the supplement to help you make the right decision regarding its purchase. 

Ultra Detox Review

Ultra Detox: An Introduction 

Ultra Detox is a powerful and effective dietary supplement that is claimed to do more than just detox. According to the manufacturers, the formula supports healthy detoxification of your body along with promoting gut health, and weight loss. As per the website, all the natural ingredients used in the formula are chosen for their remarkable properties and blended together to create fast results that also last. The ingredients are claimed to come from either food or herbs that you are well familiar with. 

As per the plentiful Ultra Detox reviews posted online, it is manufactured in the US following the GMP guidelines and it is also approved by the FDA. Although this particular piece of information is not mentioned on the official website of Ultra Detox, the promotional reviews are seen bragging about it. From this, you can understand that everything written in the promotional reviews is not genuine.

In fact, those things written on the official website of the Ultra Detox supplement itself are not trustworthy, so how can we believe the review? Well, in the coming sections, I will investigate each claim made by the manufacturers with the aim of unveiling the truth behind the supplement before you.

Ultra Detox Ingredient List Provided By The Manufacturer

The manufacturers of Ultra Detox have used a unique style to present the ingredient’s details. To be honest, I was impressed with that in the beginning. They have categorized the ingredients into three groups based on their properties.

Under detox ingredients, natural components such as Aloe, Ginger, Ultra Detox Acai Berry, and Chlorella are listed. Hyssop, Slippery Elm, and Papaya are listed under the head ‘Gut Healing Ingredients’ and Inulin, Psyllium, Black Walnut, and Lycopene are listed under ‘Weight Loss Ingredients.” 

The manufacturers have not only listed them but have described the properties of each in an understanding manner. In reality, there is no debate about the effectiveness of these ingredients. But, where is the proof to show the same claimed ingredients are used to prepare the formula? Since there is no proof to support this claim, it is feasible to assume that the manufacturers are trying to hide something important regarding the ingredients used or it could be just a dubious practice of detox.

How Does The Ultra Detox Supplement Work?

As per the official website of the Ultra Detox supplement, the power behind the formula lies in the unique blend of ingredients used. As per the website, the natural blend of ingredients such as Acai berry, Aloe, Chlorella, and Ginger synergistically work to detoxify your body, and Hyssop, Slippery Elm, and Pappay together work to improve gut health lastly, Lycopene, Psyllium, Inulin, and Blak Walnut work in synergy to bring lasting weight loss effects.

Earlier in this Ultra Detox review, we have already discussed the genuineness of the ingredients mentioned on the website. From this, it is apparent that even the manufacturers are dodging the questions regarding its working. They seem to have nothing to tell about how their supplement works, or what it targets. This even puts the efficiency of the Ultra Detox supplement into question. 

Alleged Advantages Of Using Ultra Detox Formula

If the Ultra Detox supplement was legit, it would have worked to deliver a range of health benefits. In that case, the following would have been the anticipated benefits of Ultra Detox: 

Although these are the benefits associated with the supplement, the formula is not proven to bring any of these outcomes. In fact, it is better to expect none of these benefits from a formula that is made of some random ingredients in random quantities. But, keep in mind that not all natural supplements are like Ultra Detox.

There are also working natural gut health supplements like ColonBroom that actually work to deliver a series of health benefits. So, remember your options are endless. Only, you have to look for the right one. 

Ultra Detox Potential Side Effects [ Must Read]

Although the Ultra Detox formula is claimed to be natural, something is really fishy about the ingredients used. We do not know whether or not the listed ingredients were used during the preparation of the formula and we also do not know which ingredients were actually used.

In that case, it is safe to assume the supplement might lead to severe side effects, especially if you are taking prescription medication. Because the Ultra Detox formula might interfere with those medications leading to unwanted results.   

Analyse The Ultra Detox Pros And Cons

Normally, even working supplements come with a few disadvantages. Here, we are dealing with an ineffective supplement. So, it is apparent that it will have more than a pair of cons. So, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Ultra Detox:


[Assumptions Only]

  • Ultra Detox is made of 100% natural ingredients
  • It is backed with a reliable 180-day money-back guarantee 


  • The ingredients of Ultra Detox lack evidence 
  • The working mechanism is skeptical 
  • The formula might contain allergens and chemicals and therefore might not be safe for consumption 
  • It is not manufactured in a GMP-certified facility 
  • The Ultra Detox supplement is not approved by the FDA

Ultra Detox Results: Does It Take Long Or Even Provide Any Results?

Ultra Detox is not like any supplement that works to deliver any fruitful results. It is a baseless supplement that comes with a bunch of claims that are not backed with scientific grounding. So, it is better not to expect any results from it. You will only be wasting your time, money, and health on Ultra Detox.

The supplement can only deliver adverse effects and you may not appreciate it. So, it is better to turn away from Ultra Detox as soon as possible. If you have already started taking it and are waiting to notice results, then mark my words, you will be astounded to see how the supplement ruins your health. 

Can Ultra Detox Be Trusted? Or Is It A Scam?

Yes. Ultra Detox scam has been spreading to the nook and corners of the country and people have been falling into the trap clueless about what is ahead. First of all, we all know that the efficiency of a supply lies in the quality of ingredients used.

As everything about the ingredients is dubious, leading us to conclude the Ultra Detox supplement is neither efficient nor genuine. The only good fact about the supplement is that it has an impressive and easy-to-navigate website. Except for that, there is nothing to brag about. So, we can say the Ultra Detox supplement is a scam.

Ultra Detox Purchasing Details

If you really want to ruin your health or spend your money unnecessarily, then you may head to the official website of the Ultra Detox supplement. At any cost, make sure to never buy even this inefficient supplement from the link provided on the review websites. They are either the links to some random products or the links to fake Ultra Detox.

The Ultra Detox you get from its official website is the replica of working gut health supplements like ColonBroom. So, imagine how dangerous it would be. So, I suggest you try out the ColonBroom instead.    

Look At What Ultra Detox Customers Say!

The Ultra Detox customer reviews seem to be completely made up solely for the purpose of the promotion as the entire reviews are positive. No supplement can impress a whole nation, especially when it is backed with no evidence. So, I did a long research to find a few genuine responses and finally, I succeeded.

Most of the genuine Ultra Detox customer reviews are about the adverse side effects and lack of efficacy of the supplement. The users themselves are seen recommending ColonBroom to others. According to them, ColonBroom acts as its manufacturer claims. 

How Does Ultra Detox Compare With Other Supplements? 

The Ultra Detox supplement is a complete knock-off supplement that lacks scientific grounding. Therefore, it is better for you to settle for working colon health supplements like ColonBroom.  It is said to unload your gut with the superpowers of fiber. The ColonBroom supplement is made of 85% psyllium husk fiber and other natural ingredients.

Ultra Detox VS ColonBroom
SupplementUltra DetoxColonBroom
FormulationCapsulesDrink mix
Net Quantity60 capsules60 servings
Real User FeedbackNot available Positive
Longevity of resultsNo effective resultsMore than a year
Price per bottleNo official website to display the price$69.95
Quality standardsNo relevant information▪ Manufactured in a strict and sterile condition
▪ Natural and safe ingredients only
▪ Free from gluten, GMO, and other chemicals
Side EffectsHigh chances for severe side effectsNothing reported

The unique and potent formula of ColonBroom is proven to alleviate bloating, promote regular bowel movements, support healthy cholesterol levels, relieve constipation, promote blood circulation, and support healthy weight loss. The expert-crafted formula is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO.

ColonBroom Facts

The low-calorie supplement comes in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules that are good for both men and women. ColonBroom is pricier than Ultra Detox and that is understandable as the supplement is efficient and is distributed by one of the reputed brands. 

Summing Up: Ultra Detox Reviews

Ultra Detox is certainly a hyped supplement, but except for the hype and a presentable website, the supplement has nothing else. Starting from the ingredients used, everything linked to the Ultra Detox including its working mechanism, manufacturing standards, and customer reviews is dubious. Therefore, I recommend you ColonBroom.

From this Ultra Detox review, it is clear that it is a scam and knock-off supplement and ColonBroom is an effective gut health supplement. I have been reviewing supplements and products for almost 8 years now. From my experience, I have learned to never consume any supplement about which complete information is not available. Because, when it comes to your health, nothing is too careful.  


1. Does Ultra Detox worsen any existing health condition? 

Yes. Ultra Detox might worsen any existing health condition as it contains ingredients that are not backed with evidence. It might include toxins and additives that may ruin your health. 

2. Who should not take Ultra Detox? 

Nobody should take Ultra Detox especially children and pregnant or lactating women. The formula might be dangerous to any human being, however, these individuals must strictly abstain from consuming Ultra Detox. 

3. Does ColonBroom contain any allergens? 

No. ColonBroom is a natural gut health supplement that is clinically proven to be free of common allergens like soy and dairy. However, you may still consult your doctor to boost your confidence. 

4. Does ColonBroom interfere with prescription medications? 

Absolutely not. ColonBroom does not interfere with prescription medications. This is because the formula is free of active ingredients.  

5. Can I buy ColonBroom over the counter? 

Certainly not. ColonBroom can only be accessed through its official website. Only its replicas are sold in the retail stores. 

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