Tips For Caring Your Heart Healthy – A Comprehensive Guide

Heart health is one of the topics that has been discussed more than often in society. However, regardless of the number and frequency of awareness programs conducted all over the world, cardiovascular diseases continue to be in the third position, when it comes to the top diseases stealing the lives of human beings in the world. When it comes to countries like the Philippines, heart disease reaches the top 1 position among the fatal diseases.

There are a lot of reasons behind the uncontrollable flourishing of these types of diseases. Usage of tobacco, lack of proper exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, consumption of junk and processed food items, hypertension, increased blood sugar levels, obesity, etc. can be some of the prominent reasons behind the same.

In this article, we will help you explore some of the most efficient tips that you may follow with discipline so that you may live a healthy life without being caught by the restrictions of cardiovascular disease. These tips are simple dietary and lifestyle changes that can be executed with ease if you have that spark of determination inside you. 

Essential Heart-Healthy Care Tips

1. Choose food items that make your heart heal and smile 

When we say healthy food items, it does not mean you have to quit anything and everything that gives you the pleasure of eating. However, it is inevitable that you must include more fruits and veggies in order to build a healthy heart over time. And you may also avoid food items such as salty meats like bacon, and dried fish.

Heart healthy diet

If you are quite obsessed with these food items, start by controlling your portions of these food items. Gradually, you will find it easy to control the frequency of having them. Finally, it will not be a herculean task to say goodbye to these foods forever. Sausages, hams, and hotdogs should also be avoided preferably.

Experiment with the nuts, legumes, and whole grains available in the market and try making customized recipes. This will help you fall in love with the mild yet flavourful tastes of the healthy menu. 

2. Shed those extra pounds of fat 

As already mentioned in this article, obesity is also one of the most important causes of cardiovascular diseases. Hence it is important to check your BMI and lose weight if you find yourself beyond the BMI standards.

As a first step to losing weight, you may start a calorie-deficit diet. Make sure to include more proteins, complex carbs, and more fibrous veggies in your diet. While lack of sufficient protein may make you crave more, lack of the required amount of fibrous veggies may lower your bodily metabolic rate and thus slow down the weight loss journey. You may also start exercising slowly with low-impact cardio workouts.

However, if you are someone who has already survived any kind of heart disease such as cardiac arrests and the followed up treatment, it is important to seek the opinion of your doctor before getting your hand on cardio. 

3. Quit tobacco 

Well, this can be a quite challenging task for at least some of you. However, continuing with the consumption of tobacco and following all the strict diets and workouts may not do anything good for you. Tobacco can be a direct as well as indirect cause of worsened heart health in a lot of expected and unexpected ways. Hence it is better to get self-disciplined and self-motivated to quit this fatal habit.

You may also seek professional help if you think you cannot do this all by yourselves. You may also choose any alternative dopamine-inducing pleasures that are healthy and harmless to make this challenge much easier. 

4. Go heart-holic 

If you are an alcoholic person, it is high time to quit the habit and do something healthy for your heart. It is important to always keep in mind that a healthy heart and unrestricted drinking never go hand in hand. There are no safe limits when it comes to drinking. As a first step stay away from the social groups that offer you nothing but a drinking company. 

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Wrap Up

These are some of the best tips that you may follow to maintain a healthy heart throughout your lifetime. Even if you are young and planning a healthy future, or if you are someone who has already undergone serious health issues, these tips and tricks can be quite beneficial for you.

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