Testosterone vs Estrogen: Causes, Symptoms And Effects

Testosterone and estrogen are important hormones in our body that affect our health in many ways. Primarily, testosterone is associated with male health only, and estrogen to women’s health. With the advancement in technology and research, it has been figured out that testosterone and estrogen are present in both males and females.

Many people know testosterone and estrogen to increase or decrease our sexual health, which is true, but they can also affect our overall health. You should know that the levels of testosterone and estrogen in our body should be balanced as either too high or too low levels of these hormones can have a negative impact on our bodies.

We will explore this topic in detail so that you can have a better understanding of testosterone and estrogen in order to enhance your overall well-being.

Understanding Testosterone Hormones

In males, testosterone is produced in their testicles, and in females, it is produced in their ovaries. The female body produces testosterone hormones in very low amounts, and that is why it is assumed that they do not affect females.

Estrogen Hormones

In male bodies, testosterone hormones are produced in excess amounts, and that is why they are usually associated with males.

The production of testosterone hormones increases during puberty, and their levels can fluctuate with age. Testosterone levels can affect sexual health, hair health, bone health, and skin health, and they can also affect your mood.

Understanding Estrogen Hormones

Estrogen is also a hormone found in both males and females, which can affect sexual and overall health. There are four types of estrogen: estrone, estradiol, estriol, and estetrol, which can provide several benefits and disadvantages when their levels are not balanced.

Estrogen is produced in the ovaries of females, and in males, it is converted from testosterone. These hormones can improve your sexual life along with enhancing your overall health if their levels are balanced.

Testosterone Effects In Males And Females

As of now, you must understand that testosterone can affect both males and females and now we will explain this in detail to have a better understanding.

In males, testosterone can affect the growth of sexual organs, sperm production, skin health, skin health, bone health, etc. Therefore, it is important to have balanced levels of testosterone to improve the overall health of males.

High testosterone levels in males can lead to bad sexual experiences, changes in blood pressure levels, acne, and other problems. Similarly, low testosterone levels can lead to erectile dysfunction, stress, obesity, and other problems.

Even though the amount of testosterone produced in females is low, it can surely affect their health. Changes in the levels of testosterone in females can cause trouble in fertility, it can be the reason for increased body hair, and it can cause skin problems like acne as well.

Estrogen Effects In Males And Females

Estrogen mainly affects females, but it also has an impact on male health. In females, the production of estrogen increases during puberty, and its levels fluctuate with age. Estrogen plays an important role in pregnancy, improving bone health, skin health, and sex drive in females. 

The production of estrogen can influenced after giving birth to a child, which is a common occurrence in females. Low estrogen levels can cause trouble with fertility and low bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis. It can also be a reason for gaining too much weight and discomfort in sexual activities and irregular periods.

In males, estrogen is important because it has a role in the production of sperm, getting erections, controlling cholesterol levels, and maintaining bone and heart health. High estrogen levels in males can cause infertility, erectile dysfunctions, and man boobs, which is also known as gynecomastia.

Symptoms Of Testosterone And Estrogen Level Changes

When you feel low and have bad sexual experiences, it can be due to changes in the levels of testosterone and estrogen. In males, difficulty in producing sperm, functioning of sexual organs, man boobs, obesity, improper growth of hair, etc can be the symptoms. In females, irregular periods, weight gain, dryness in sexual organs, acne, weak bones, high cholesterol, and even infertility can be the symptoms.

Causes Of Testosterone And Estrogen Level Changes

Your lifestyle choices can be the main reason for the changes in the levels of testosterone and estrogen. Your food choices, physical activities, body weight, stress, and underlying health conditions are the main reasons for the changes in the levels of these hormones.


Both testosterone and estrogen hormones are essential for the health of males and females. We have explored this topic in detail so that you can understand your situation and make the necessary changes. You should visit a doctor if you need specific solutions to your problems related to testosterone and estrogen levels.

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