Testosterone And Relationships: How Hormones Affect Love And Attraction?

Testosterone, the essential health hormone for both men and women also acts as a love hormone. The role of this hormone in your relationships and the way you are attracted to certain people are crucial, and you may not be even aware of it.

This hormone can be the one that decides who is the one for you. And in life, most people are looking for someone to spend the rest of their life with. Sometimes, you might have wondered the reason why you are attracted to that certain someone. You might have thought of a million other reasons. But ever thought about what testosterone is doing to your body and also to your mind? 

Let’s see why you need testosterone in your relationship. And what happens in your life when the testosterone levels lower? Curious to know more? Dive into this article right away. 

Testosterone And Relationships

There have been studies conducted on the role of testosterone in human romantic relationships. It was found that testosterone and relationships are paired through partnering. 

Testosterone And Relationships

The way you pursue someone else and the way you plan to partner with them are affected by testosterone. When you are not committed and have healthy high amounts of testosterone, you will be more driven to find a suitable mate. This keeps you on a constant lookout for your other half. 

Once you find the one, and establish the relation, the testosterone levels seem to have a small dip, not an unhealthy dip that can cause health issues, but a relaxed dip. As the body now knows that you have found the one for you and there is no need to look again. 

The interconnection of testosterone and relationships is still being explored and new findings appearing each day are interesting to many more people on the topic. Who might have thought that this hormone could affect the romantic relationships of your life? 

How Testosterone Affects Love?

The link between testosterone and relationships can be different in men and women. The reason is that the amount of the hormone produced in both bodies is different, also the functions that it carries out are different.

Other than testosterone there are other hormones present in both men and women and some of these hormones can influence the production of testosterone and impact the way it works.

Usually, the amount of testosterone is high or is on a hike when someone is looking for a partner and is trying to interact with people to whom they are attracted and trying to bond with them. 

So, what happens to the amount of testosterone in the body when a connection is established and two people get closer over time? Does the amount of testosterone increase or decrease?

Are these changes the same for men and women? How can testosterone and relationships be a topic of discussion for someone who is in their young and prime age? 

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How Testosterone Affects Love In Men?

Men who recently enter a relationship, and single men have higher testosterone than men in longer relationships. When a man is happy in a long-term relationship, the levels of testosterone will be low and this makes them more loving and nurturing towards their partner and relationship. They will also be more supportive. 

However, when a serious fight or argument happens the level of testosterone increases in men making them develop oppositional behavior towards their partner and relationship. 

How Testosterone Affects Love In Women?

The testosterone levels in women decrease when they are in a healthy and satisfying relationship. It is seen as a good thing for a woman in a relationship.

Low testosterone levels in women make them more committed and dedicated towards their love lives. However, you cannot artificially reduce your testosterone levels to increase the odds of being in a good relationship. 

In women, testosterone levels are high when they are single and looking for a partner. High levels of testosterone will keep the single individual (both men and women) more active in finding a mate and they try to attract others towards them. 

Should You Try To Lower Your Testosterone Levels For An Ideal Relationship?

When it is said that lower testosterone levels can be a blessing for you it does not mean that the levels of this hormone should be so low, but it just means a small reduction of approximately 20%. If your testosterone is lower than this, it can have a lot of other effects on you and impact your mood and overall health. 

The boosted production of testosterone can result in increased vitality and it eliminates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

Are you thinking about how to increase your testosterone levels? Well, there are a lot of natural male health formulas as well as natural female health formulas. 

Also, the presence of certain substances in your food can help you to have more stamina and a better mood. Some such substances are Maca root, Panax ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Boron, Ashwagandha, and so on, for men.  

The Bottom Line 

Initially, testosterone was mistaken as the male sex hormone and people thought that it was only present in men. In fact, the hormone is present in both men and women and has a larger impact on overall health and wellness.

The part that testosterone plays in attracting a partner the impact that the difference in its level can have on the relationships and the way the relationships influence the testosterone levels are not negligible. 

If you have repeated conflicts in your life with your partner, it can cause a fluctuation in the hormone levels which are not considered healthy. 


1. Does testosterone make you more flirty?

When there was a higher amount of testosterone in men they seemed to be more friendly and active and tended to ask more questions and tried to know more about the women that they met. 

2. Does marriage lower testosterone?

In the case of men, when they get into a committed and long marriage and settle down, the amount of testosterone decreases. 

3. Is testosterone a love hormone?

It does play a role in social bonding and making men more competitive when it comes to pursuing romantic relationships. 

4. What foods give women testosterone?

Foods that increase testosterone levels in women are salmon, pomegranate juice, beans, egg yolks, and olive oil. 

5. Do bananas increase your testosterone levels?

Yes, bananas increase testosterone levels in both men and women. It contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that can boost the levels of testosterone. 

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