Testosterone And Fitness: How Hormones Impact Workouts And Muscle Growth?

Testosterone is sometimes dubbed as the muscle hormone, that is because of the role that it plays in muscle mass and muscle growth in the human body. The hormone does help to increase muscle strength, but what if you have low testosterone levels? Does low testosterone mean lower muscle mass? And higher testosterone means higher muscle mass? What is the actual role that this horn has in all these and what are some common myths related to this?

Let us find out. 

How Does Testosterone Build Muscle?

Testosterone is an essential muscle that helps to build muscle. The role that the hormone plays in developing secondary sexual characteristics and muscle growth is a key factor in this. 

The hormone testosterone is a steroid and an androgen, which means that this hormone helps to grow the body and helps the organs to mature. 

In men the part these hormones can play in them growing from a boy to a guy is important. This hormone starts to be produced when they approach puberty and is responsible for the changes that they go through at this age. 

Your muscle mass and testosterone levels are interconnected with each other. When you have a healthy amount of testosterone in your body. It can have a positive impact on the growth and progress of muscle mass. 

If there is a fluctuation in the amount of testosterone that is getting produced in the body from time to time, it might also affect the muscle mass, and will not be favorable for them to grow and develop. 

However, many have been wanting to know the answer to the question “Is testosterone all that is needed for muscle mass”? Just because you have higher amounts of testosterone, your muscles will not be automatically stronger. So, what should you do in that situation?

That is when “workouts” enter the scene. 

Testosterone And Workout: What Is The Link?

Working out and exercising frequently can improve muscle mass. If there is already a healthy and higher amount of testosterone in the body, then the muscles need to befriend workouts to become stronger.

Common Workouts To Increase Muscle Mass

  • Pushups
  • Planks
  • Step up
  • Lunge
  • Squat
Common Workouts To Increase Muscle Mass

These are some exercises to increase your muscle mass at home. For doing these you do not need any other extra tools. However, you can also use dumbbells to perform some exercises. You can make a calendar focusing on different body parts and follow a routine. It can be as follows

An example is given here:

7-Day Muscle-Building Workout Plan

  • Sunday – Arm day (Focus on arms, abs, and chest)
  • Monday – Leg day (Focus on legs and butt)
  • Tuesday – Cardio
  • Wednesday – Focus on arms, shoulders, and back
  • Thursday – Leg day (Focus on legs and butt)
  • Friday – Cardio
  • Saturday – Cardio

Now, you have seen what is done here. First, you start by focusing on your upper body, and on the second day, your focus is shifted towards the lower body. Then cardio, then again upper body, then lower body, then again cardio. 

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It is not mandatory that you do workout, heavy workouts every single day. Also on the days of cardio, you can take a rest. The first thing to keep in mind is that all these cannot be started on the first day itself. You should only be doing that gradually and with time. If you are not well, one day, then the rest. Also, it is not necessary that you have to start the workout on a Sunday itself. Start out on any day and follow accordingly. 

However, if you have lower testosterone, it does mean that you will lose the strength of the muscles and that you will not be able to build muscle until the testosterone levels increase. It is true that this hormone can affect the muscle mass and the health of the muscle but, you can build muscle when you take proteins, do resistance training, and do other exercises. 

Common Myths On Testosterone And Fitness

❌ Low testosterone = low muscle mass

❌ If your testosterone levels get reduced, your muscle mass will also reduce significantly 

❌ When you have lower testosterone, you cannot build muscle mass

❌ Testosterone levels do not affect muscle mass in women 

Testosterone can also affect muscle in women, as it is an essential health hormone that is produced in female bodies too. 

The Bottom Line

Testosterone and fitness are linked to each other. The role that any hormone can have on the body is not negligible. When the amount of a certain hormone lowers significantly, it can affect the boy in different ways. As testosterone is a key hormone when it comes to health, if you have lower amounts of testosterone, it can affect your muscle mass and strength. 

However, it does not mean that this hormone is the only factor that helps the muscle to grow and get stronger. And a lower testosterone amount does not rule out the possibility of growing muscles. You can do resistance training for that and get professional help. 

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Q. Do muscular guys have higher testosterone?

Muscles are not what aids the increase in testosterone. However, if you have higher testosterone amounts, then you can grow muscles with the right workouts and food diets. 

Q. How does exercise affect testosterone?

Doing exercises regularly can help the hormone to increase by helping the organ that produces the hormone to produce more amounts of it. It will result in stamina and energy. 

Q. What exercise increases testosterone most?

Weight lifting is shown to be effective in increasing the testosterone count in the body. However, all kinds of exercises can have an impact on increasing the hormone. 

Q. Can I build muscle with low testosterone?

Lower testosterone levels do not mean that you will not be able to build muscles at all. With the proper training and workouts, you can still build muscles. 

Q. Does low testosterone cause muscle loss?

When your testosterone levels drop it can also affect muscle mass. The functions of the muscles may or may not be affected by this, but they can reduce muscle mass. 

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