Teenage Girl Problems In School – 7 Ways To Help Teen Girls Having Problems

Teenage is a phase that involves many changes in one’s mind and body. It is also that period that subjects an individual (boy or girl) to things that may prove unethical, illegal, or criminal. The reasons being many, teenage problems either originate from home or school or both. Either of these can prove to be highly complex for a teenager to bear, especially when it is a girl.

However, what happens at school can turn out even more complicated. On this thought, the current article has been prepared with the intention of identifying the most pressing concerns of a teenage girl at school and suggesting ways to help the latter (with parental involvement) solve them.

Problems Faced By Teenage Girls In School

Problems Faced By Teenage Girls In School

So far, there have been identified 7 most pressing concerns affecting teenage girls in school and have included the following:


The most daunting problem that teens, especially girls, face is depression. When things or situations do not go as they expect, these can potentially manifest as a major cause of depression for them.

When specifically mentioning the causes, there does not exist a single one, rather can take many forms, such as breakup with one’s boyfriend, failure in exams, being bullied or molested, etc. 


The most important aspect that shapes a teenager’s future is education. However, this can impose a significant amount of pressure on the concerned by way of competition. It is often the parents who stress their teenage children to compete with their peers in this regard.

Getting more marks in exams is often considered a privilege for either the parents or their teenage kids. The true value of education is thus lost amid this competition.

Peer Pressure

This particular issue signifies that an individual, especially a teenage girl, should feel part of a group and actively engage in the responsibilities-cum-activities involved there. Whether these be for good or bad, being pressured to commit deeds unacceptable is likely to take a toll on their mental health.


Being bullied and being constantly subjected to the same is enough to deprive any individual of his/her sense of well-being. When a teenage boy or girl experiences such conflicting moments, these are sure to cause mental and behavioral disturbances in them.

These incidents can also manifest as depression. There have even been instances where after being bullied, some have even resorted to committing suicide. All these serious consequences of bullying render this act extremely criminal.


There is no need to mention here that a teenager is highly bothered by his/her appearance. The awareness that one is fat, slim, fair, or dark does tend to get to one’s head to the extent of going to any extreme to either improve or enhance one’s features. Thus, appearance can be counted as a major botheration in one’s teenage years.


Every single thing in teenagers takes a drastic turn. This includes relationships with one’s parents or being friends with one’s classmate/s. Teenage is a time when individuals get to socialize more, which also increases their possibility of fighting with their close friends.

Since this is a development phase, they cannot be seriously blamed. Hence, friendship may or may not pose any significant issues for them. 


No doubt that teens tend to develop an attraction to the opposite sex. Both boys and girls start dating during this time. Since this is typical in teens, some tend to make it a culture, blaming those who have not yet considered dating.

Similar to friendship, dating is one of those problems that may or may not impact a teenager’s life in the long run.

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Measures To Deal With Teenage Girls’ Problems in School

Teenage issues mostly pertain to everything. However, these largely center around Appearance, Bullying, Depression, Education, and Peer Pressure. The following tips have been identified to effectively solve these issues:

Identifying the problem

Parents’ involvement is critical to solving a teenager’s issue. This is especially important if it is a girl. The former’s support should help the latter to identify what exactly is bothering them and encourage steps to solve the same.


Again, parents should prompt their teenage daughter/s to focus on the actual issue rather than the person who caused it. Doing so should help the latter to get prepared for the issue the next time it strikes again.


One of the most effective methods that parents can adopt to solve school-related problems in their daughters is to listen open-heartedly to their woes. This will provide confidence and support to the latter in facing similar situations at school.

Generating Solution

If young girls are finding it highly difficult to solve things on their own, it is here that parental involvement would be necessary so that both of them can work out to find a consensual solution to the problems faced.

Evaluating The Solution

Parents’ support does not simply end with finding a definitive solution. If they care, they are to evaluate the pros and cons of the solution/s formed. This technique will work best with problems related to academics.

Practicing the Idea

Both parents and their teenage daughters need to consider putting solutions into practice. After all, trying one’s best to solve critical issues is of utmost significance.

Evaluating the Outcome

It is also important for parents to have their teenage daughters (and sons) evaluate possible outcomes to the solutions, especially when it comes to tackling issues such as bullying, competition, etc.


Teenage problems affect both boys and girls. However, some issues are specific to girls alone. Parental support is required in cases that are most critical and difficult for the latter to handle/tackle. These include problems that are most likely to cause depression and mental trauma.

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