7 Steps To Overcome Challenges Faced By Introverts!

To begin with, introverts are literally everywhere and not just limited to the so-called ‘average guy’ but even to celebrities and thinkers. Introverted people are not always the life of the party as they like to operate quietly.

They love to spend their time crawling back to their comfort zones. Being an introvert has its fair share of merits but they often come at a price. A little bit of introversion lies among all of us.

Only the advanced ones push themselves away from connecting with others. Let us look into the ways by which introverts could overcome their inhibitions and flaunt their abilities:

7 Steps To Overcome Challenges Faced By Introverts

Never claim yourself as an introvert:

One of the classic mistakes made by introverts themselves is that they openly resign to the idea that they are introverted.  When introverts are pushed to go against their habitual tendencies, they fall back into their old habits. Hence, people who claim to do so must do the opposite or at least catch themselves the next time to not make such mistakes.

The habit of storytelling:

We often wonder what’s so special about storytelling. Interestingly, stories are powerful as they capture the imagination and vision of people around us.

The people who realize the power of stories the most are the media and salespersons in particular. They have a gifted ability to connect and engage their audience which leaves an unforgettable impression. This skill will come in handy for introverts who find it difficult to connect with others. 

The art of being present:

Introverts have a habitual pattern of overthinking and staying in their heads and like to be in their comfort zone. This disconnects them from making genuine connections with people in due course. To severe this chain of thoughts, practice being present where they are without judgment. This makes the listener more intrigued about them. 

Prior and Post-Meeting Connections:

When it comes to professional matters, introverts struggle hard to be a part of active discussions unlike the others and they usually feel left behind. To remove this, they can have discussions with their peers and superiors. From the time they are in a meeting, they will feel comfortable to take part in the discussions.

Stay away from the Lone Wolf image:  

The modern-day work culture has made things easy for introverts to work individually but their ability to connect has gone down. Additionally, they gain the tag name of the lone wolf which might sound cool but portray the introvert as arrogant to his/her fellows. Hence, they must restrain themselves from doing so and balance their work and personal time properly.

Know yourself and others too:

It is necessary to know who you are and also how your fellows behave. This will help the introvert to structure their conversations in their minds. This will relieve them from being overwhelmed and instill courage in their minds to face conversation challenges tactfully. By observing others, introverts will be able to respond properly in a spontaneous manner.  

Push your limits:

It is quite natural for introverts to feel overwhelmed to be a part of the groups. Trying to do the opposite might backfire for them. But planning and practice could work wonders for their confidence in the long run. The mere act of practice will help the introverts to slowly realize that they too can communicate without any blocks. The only key to remember here is the saying – ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

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From the above points, we get to realize that being introverted is not a lifetime sentence for people who consider themselves as one of them. They have been practicing how to avoid social conversations and got habituated to the extreme ends. This made them wrongly presume themselves to be introverts.

It might take some time for introverts to change their habits, but having a plan of action always helps. The real challenge here will be to have a close watch on falling back to the old habits. With some trial and error, introverts will figure out which action plan will work best for them. Finally, every individual is unique and has to practice rigorously to overcome their limitations.

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