7 Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s Disease – Could It Be Early Stage

Alzheimer’s is a brain disorder in which the normal functions of the brain are altered. Unhealthy and uncontrolled deposits of certain proteins inside the brain cause this condition. This causes the brain cells to lose their ability, and the brain will start to shrink. Eventually, the brain cells will die which will have an impact on all aspects of a person’s life. 

Common Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s Disease

You can identify it by the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that are most common in many people. Many times the symptoms come as early signs and by correctly noticing the symptoms you will be able to diagnose that you or your loved ones might have this condition. 

Common Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Here are the common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. 

➜ Forgets where you placed something 

➜ Forget the names of other people

➜ Forget recent events that you were part of and conversations that you had with others

➜ Can not find the right word when you talking about something

➜ Asking questions again and again because you forget that you had already asked it 

➜ Forgetting to do something, that you have always done

➜ Impairments in making judgments 

These are the 7 symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The symptoms can be different for different people. When you notice these symptoms in someone and when you notice that it happens again and again and its intensity is on the increase, you can medically diagnose it, if they have it.

In case of early diagnosis, you can start therapies and certain medications to not let the situation go much worse and can try to ease down the symptoms. 

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What Changes In Your Body When You Have Alzheimer’s?

When you have Alzheimer’s your brain will gradually lose its ability to function in the way that it is supposed to. This will impact the body too.

The brain cells when they are covered with protein build-ups will not be able to communicate with each other to carry out the functions of the brain and to carry out the functions needed for different parts of the body. The signal-sending system of the brain will get interrupted.

In severe cases of Alzheimer’s, mostly towards the final stage of the condition, people will lose their ability to walk, and other body movements will also be restricted. People will forget how to walk and they will no longer remember that they have to bend their knees so that they move or even bend their knees.

They might not be able to eat on their own, or even when you feed on them they will not know what to do next. There have been painful cases of people forgetting their dear and near ones and even their names. 

The Bottom Line

Now you know the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease so that you can look out for it to others. Alzheimer’s disease can take the life out of the person who suffers from it, but unlike any other disease, this condition will take the life out of the close ones of the patient too. 

It will be hard and heartbreaking for you to see that your loved ones no longer remember you or even themself. So far, a complete cure has not been developed for this condition. However, there have been rare cases of people who have been able to overcome the situation or ease their symptoms. Let us hope that a cure will be found soon. 


1. What organs are affected by Alzheimer’s disease?

The brain is the primary organ that will be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. When the functions of the brain are interrupted it will start to affect all other organs of the body. 

2. What is the last stage of Alzheimer’s disease?

In the last stage of the disease, the symptoms of dementia will become severe. Also, people will not be able to talk or complete conversations, it will affect their mobility and they will be able to properly respond to anything. 

3. What is the average age of death for Alzheimer’s?

Typically, when someone has Alzheimer’s disease they will live up to eight to ten years. However, there have been people who lived up to 20 years and people who passed away within 4 years.

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