Review Criteria/Methodology

Our Comprehensive Review Standards and Processes

At HelenaStudy, we maintain rigorous review standards and thorough evaluation processes to ensure we provide our readers with comprehensive, unbiased analyses of health products.

Integrity-Focused Review Criteria

  • Complete Objectivity – We never accept compensation or free samples from brands. Our conclusions are based solely on impartial research and testing. Brand relationships cannot influence our analysis.
  • Accuracy Without Exception – We reference only reputable sources like peer-reviewed journals. Medical experts on staff fact-check our interpretations. We correct or clarify any questionable claims or statements.
  • Unmatched Depth – Our reviews dive deeper than anywhere else – scrutinizing formulas, mechanisms, clinical data, potential issues, and nuances. We leave no stone unturned.
  • Clear-Cut Transparency – We are fully open about our criteria, research limitations, and any changes made post-publication. We respond promptly and honestly to all reader inquiries.
  • Ongoing Betterment – Our standards evolve based on reader feedback, expert input, and our own efforts to constantly improve. We welcome constructive criticism.

The 6 Phases of Our Review Process

  1. Target Selection – We use a combination of factors (search volume, potential impact, newness to market, reader interest, possible safety issues) to determine products for in-depth evaluation.
  2. Exhaustive Research – Our team compiles all studies, claims, ingredients info, manufacturer details, relevant regulatory data, user reviews. Sources are cross-checked.
  3. Scientific Validation – Licensed medical professionals on staff scrutinize all claims against current research and standards of evidence. Pseudoscience is debunked.
  4. Real-World Testing – Whenever possible our writers anonymously buy and test products, reporting on experiential factors like taste, price, and ease-of-use.
  5. Multilevel Editing – Reviews go through 4 editing passes focused on accuracy, evidence support, grammar, and reader-friendliness. We fact-check thoroughly.
  6. Ongoing Monitoring – Our staff continually assess newly released studies, regulatory actions, user feedback that may inform updates.

We hope this expanded overview instills confidence in the validity of our approach. Please contact us if you have any other questions!