6 Major Child Psychiatry Disorders – Preventive Measures To Adopt

Childhood and adolescence are the best times when they are carefree, happy, loving, and free from any responsibility except study. However, many children suffer from mental disorders that cause distress and improper functioning of the physical and mental. It mainly covers conditions and concerns that affect children’s learning and developmental disabilities, autism and ability to harm themselves. 

Further, if you see typical changes in their behaviour, emotions, and performance in their study, it requires immediate medical treatment. So, here is the list of 6 major mental disorders among children that need diagnosis to identify the symptoms, provide treatment and what measures to adopt to prevent them.

6 Main Types Of Mental Disorders Among Children

A complete knowledge of child psychiatry disorders can help parents overcome problems in the early stages that badly affect mental and physical growth. Let’s see 6 major mental disorders among children and their symptoms, illness, theory of causes and available treatments-

1] Anxiety Disorders

Children suffer from anxiety responses to certain changes or conditions that cause fear and dread. Also, physical signs and nervousness are seen, causing fast heartbeat and sweating. Many examples of anxiety orders are seen in early childhood, and many are often unaware. Some are-

  • Simple phobias
  • Separation anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD)
  • Social anxiety
  • Post-traumatic disorder(PTSD)
  • Selective mutism

Moreover, treatment of anxiety disorders is generally done by expert medical consultants, but parents can be aware by seeing symptoms and care accordingly at home. It can be done by medication, decentralisation, individual or group psychiatry, and family and school consultants. 

 Eating Disorders In Children

2] Depression

Depression is mainly caused in adolescence and adulthood, but nowadays, children are more victims, which affects their cognitive ability, and they are willing to end everything. They are usually occasionally sad and feeling hopeless. Also, there are symptoms like changes in eating patterns, a hard time paying attention, self-injury, self-destructive behaviour and more to identify that they are depressed.

Moreover, extreme Depression can lead to a child committing suicide or planning it. So, it calls for immediate situations for psychiatrists’ treatment and needs counselling to avoid further dangerous situations.

3] Attention Deficit Disorder

If your child is not paying attention, cannot control impulsive behaviour, or is overly active in their studies or any command you give, it may be a sign of attention deficit disorder. It is caused in the early stage of childhood and can not be cured. But proper counselling and talking about good things by parents or elders can cure them to behave well. It can be treated as behaviour therapy, medications and talking to school teachers where they spend most of the time. 

4] Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Neurodevelopmental is another major disorder that affects a child’s mental growth and personal, social, academic and physical well-being. Some of the examples of these disorders include learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, and impairments in vision and hearing. 

Children suffering from these disorders are unable to concentrate, follow directions, easily bored or angry and more. However, proper treatment and counselling can reduce these disorders at an early stage.

5] Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are mostly seen in children between 1 and 5 years, which involve intense behaviour like emotions and attitudes. Children are usually prone to low weight loss due to avoiding food or a healthy diet that affects their mental growth and physical development. 

Some examples of these disorders include purging disorder, night eating syndrome, and more. 

6] Tic Disorders

When the person makes unusual sounds or performs any activity that seems different from normal, this situation is called tic disorder. Similarly, children performing these activities suffer from these disorders that affect their personality and mental well-being. 

Some examples of this mental inability include eye blinking, facial grimacing, shoulder struggling, neck stretching, mouth movements, spitting and more. Moreover, proper treatment can better cure these signs of inabilities, and your child can behave normally and gently. 

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Bottom Line

The evolution of child psychiatry is typically more complex in children than adults because their cognitive power is badly affected. Although the above 6 major mental disabilities can harden and have a bad effect on growth and brain development, proper medication and treatment can help to get rid of them quickly. Also, in severe cases, consultation is the best way to manage uncertainty or mental well-being.

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