Common Low Blood Pressure Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Low blood pressure is normally called hypotension, the opposite of hypertension or high BP. It is caused by drinking more water and eating less salt. Also, medications, stock, and stroke are major causes of low BP.

The normal BP is measured at 120/80 mmHg. If it is lower than 90/60 mm hg, it is a sign of low blood pressure. It increases with time due to normal changes during aging.

Many symptoms define you as suffering from this critical situation, making you uncomfortable or sometimes faint. However, if you are new or want to know the symptoms of this critical issue, then you are at the right place.

Most Common Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

Low blood pressure can happen at any time and doesn’t cause any serious problems. But it can be difficult for old people as it lowers the blood flow to the heart, brain, and other vital organs. Let’s see some common symptoms of low blood pressure:

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🔸 Dizziness Or Feeling Lightheaded

Dizziness, or lightheadedness, is a normal symptom of low blood pressure. If a person cannot see, think, or listen properly, then this indicates a person has low BP. It can be serious as you can faint, leading to chest pain, a head injury, shortness of breath, weakness or numbness of your face, and more. Also, it needs immediate medical treatment if any serious problems happen.

🔸 Nausea Or Vomiting

Nausea is also a symptom of low blood pressure, which causes uneasiness in the stomach. It often comes before vomiting. Also, it usually happens in the early stages of pregnancy: intense pain, emotional stress, food poisoning, heart attack, and more. It needs an immediate medical consultation if it lasts more than a few days or if vomiting lasts 24 hours or more.

🔸 Fast And Shallow Breathing

A person suffering from low blood pressure experiences fast and shallow breathing. It leads to weakness, and you are unable to do daily activities. Usually, drinking dilute water with salt and sugar is the best solution to get rid of it faster. But if a major happens, it needs immediate medical treatment. 

🔸 Distorted Or Blurred Vision

Blurred or distorted vision is the situation when you cannot see properly or blur. Low blood pressure leads to blurred vision as blood flow is not going as normal as BP. Although no exact medications are included to cure this, unlike high BP, eating low-sugar sweets can help recover from getting to normal blood pressure.

🔸 Weakness Or Confusion

Weakness, or being in a state of confusion, is the normal symptom of low blood pressure. Here, you get tired, don’t want to perform any activities or feel cold or hot, and others are seen. Also, you are confused about what to do and how to do it and unable to remember things frequently.

🔸 Fainting Or Feeling Faint

Fainting or fainting is when you fall suddenly at any place or time. When you are suffering from low blood pressure, it normally happens, and you face trouble. However, if you are frequently falling, then immediate treatment is needed. Also, it leads to a lack of physical activity, uneasiness, and hunger, which are the normal symptoms of low BP.

🔸 Cold And Sweaty Skin

Sweaty or cold skin is a normal symptom of low blood pressure and makes you uneasy or unconscious. It mainly happens due to improper heart functioning and slow or fast blood flow. Sometimes, it leads to turning pale, and you might feel agitation or other behavior.

How Do You Cure Low Blood Pressure?

Let’s see ways to raise this situation and recover quickly and safely from low blood pressure.

  • Drinking plenty of water or ORS-based water will reduce dehydration.
  • Managing your pepper diet can reduce the risk of low BP by wearing loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Adding too much to your diet is the ultimate solution to reducing low blood pressure.
  • Eating low levels of sugar.
  • Finally, seek medication from a doctor.

Final Words

There are many other symptoms that can suggest that a person is suffering from low blood pressure. Some activities, like a weak and rapid pulse, feeling very sleepy, dehydration, and other common symptoms of low BP, Moreover, proper rest and medication can help you recover and return to your normal life.

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