What Is The Link Between Regular Exercise And Diabetes? Helps Regulate Blood Sugar?

Physical activities can reduce the risk of having diabetes. Regular exercise and diabetes are linked. Workouts are the enemy of diabetes, as the blood sugar will not be able to rise unhealthily if you are someone who workout regularly. As diabetes is your enemy, and workouts are the enemy of diabetes, what does it mean? Your enemy’s enemy is your friend. 

So shake hands with regular exercise and diabetes will walk away sooner. Let us the impact that being physically active can have on you. 

Can Exercise Reduce Blood Sugar?

Yes, it turns out that exercise can reduce blood sugar. When you move your body and get it through the different sets of exercises that are suitable for you, the body will become more and more active.

Can Exercise Reduce Blood Sugar

This will improve your insulin sensitivity. This means, that insulin will make the cells in your body take the sugar from the blood, break it, and use it up to meet the energy requirements that the body has. 

Are you thinking about whether you will have to go to the gym? Or are there any exercises that you can do at the comfort of your home to reduce the blood sugar? Yes, there are. Let us see

Best Exercise For Diabetes At Home

  • Walk 

You can walk around the house multiple times. In the beginning, take short walks and walk slowly, with time, you can increase the time that you spend walking and can walk faster. You can walk in the morning and also in the evening. 

  • Increase the steps

If you spend a lot of time at home, you increase your steps. After preparing food, when you take them to the dinner table, carry each container, plate, glass, water, spoon, and condiment separately so that you can walk that many times. Other than this you can also do

  • Push-ups

Lie down on a flat surface facing downwards. Place your palm wide on the floor and your hands wider than the shoulders. Straighten arms and legs. With the support of hands and feet, lower the body towards the floor and push back. 

  • Sit-ups

Lie down on the floor facing upwards. Bend the knees. Place fingers behind the ears. Get up by gently raising your torso towards the bent knees. Lie back again. 

  • Weight lifting

Get advice from an expert on what is a suitable weight that you can lift and exercise according to your body type. The way to do the weight lifting can be different according to the weight and the kind of lifting that you do.

  • Squats

Stand on an even surface, and place feet wider than the hip. The toes should be towards the front. Bend and slightly open your knees and push back your hip. Sit into a squat. Keep heels and toes on the ground, chest up, and shoulders back. 

  • Lunges

Stand tall on flat ground. Keep feet as wide as your hip. Take one step forward by bending your knees. One foot should be in front of your torso, and the other should be in the back of the torso. Get back to the position. 

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Can Diabetes Be Improved With Exercise?

If you identified on a random test that you did, or in a test that your doctor recommended that you have diabetes, you can still start exercising. It will make your body fight against diabetes the body has developed. 

How does exercise help type 2 diabetes? When you start moving, insulin resistance will increase and as insulin will kick out the glucose from the blood and send it to get it convert to energy, it will help in optimizing the blood sugar levels.

When you already have diabetes, you might not be able to do all the workouts that someone what diabetes can do, It can be according to the amount of blood glucose in your blood. So in such a situation get help from a doctor. 

The best time to exercise for type 2 diabetes can be one to three hours after you have taken your meal. This is advised because this time the body will process the food you have eaten and the level of blood glucose will be higher. Before you start doing high-intensity exercises get confirmation from your doctor that you are healthy enough to do that. 

The Common Best Exercise For Diabetes Type 2


➜ Dancing

➜ Yoga

➜ Running

➜ Walking

➜ Water aerobics

To Take Away

Regular exercise and diabetes are in a constant fight to win over each other. However, you should be supporting the exercise, as when the exercise wins, you win. Your goal should be to lower the glucose levels in your blood. For that, you can ask, to control the sugar intake.


1. Can daily exercise prevent diabetes?

Finding time to exercise daily can reduce your risk of having diabetes. It can manage the symptoms of prediabetes and can also improve insulin sensitivity.

2. Which exercise is best for diabetes?

There can be a lot of exercises that can help you when you have diabetes. Some common exercises for diabetes that you can do are walking, cycling, and swimming. There are also other exercises and you should do that according to your body condition. 

3. Can lack of exercise cause diabetes?

Yes, there are high chances of that. Not moving the body enough can make someone more prone to diabetes. 

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