Leg Exercises At Home For Teen Girls – 5 Quick And Easy Leg Workouts

If you want to look fit and healthy while stepping into adulthood, it is better to stay physically active in your adolescence. Unlike children, teenage girls tend to lack interest in physical activities as they enter adolescence. It is required to exercise at every stage of your life. Each age demands age-appropriate exercise.

5 Simple At-Home Leg Exercises

Leg Exercises At Home For Teen Girls

Most teenage girls are less active than teenage boys. Several factors contribute to this issue, including

  • Traditional gender ideologies surrounding femininity.
  • Physically inactive parents and peers.
  • Fear of wearing sportswear.
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lethargy
  • Bullying
  • Poor physical fitness

There are many more reasons apart from these, but above mentioned reasons are some common causes of lack of exercise in teenage girls. But in some cases, teenage girls are unaware of the appropriate exercise regime needed for them.

Even if they are interested in staying active and healthy lack of proper knowledge and awareness about teenage exercise routines will not provide sufficient health benefits. 

These days girls need not go to the gym to maintain a healthy exercise regimen. To be physically active home workout routines can provide an equal result like a gym routine.

Young girls need energy and strength just like the boys. Any factor related to unhealthy gender ideologies should not make teenage girls think differently. 

So when it comes to the topic exercise, you might have heard the popular saying ‘You should not skip the leg day’ everywhere on social media. Leg workouts have a remarkable role in keeping the body toned. It will help to strengthen leg muscles and make you look amazing.

So why is it important for teenage girls to do leg exercises? Let us find out

Importance Of Leg Exercise Among Teen Girls

In sustaining the health and well-being of the body, exercise has a quintessential part. Even if you are exercising on a daily basis, excluding the leg workout routine will not help. If you are a woman, it is important to include leg exercises. Because, unlike men, women have different bone structures.

Women’s wide and round narrow pelvic bones are for childbearing. Female bone density is lower compared to men. It will make an adult female vulnerable to joint pain and other bone diseases.

Teenage girls should resort to an effective leg exercise regime to prevent future complications regarding the loss of bone strength. A teen can work out from home itself. Here are five simple leg exercises for teenage girls. Add them to your daily exercise routine.

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Simple Leg Exercises For Teenage Girls

Girls in teenage have to deal with many physical, social, and mental developments. Proper exercise helps to embrace changes and development. It will help to keep the BMI in check, regulate mood, balance hormones, and help to reduce the risk of future ailments.

A teenage girl should Involve in vigorous physical activities. A teenage girl must exercise 60 minutes or more a day. Stay physically active. Your body needs upper-body and lower-body exercises.

Many will train their upper body and leave out the other. To build a fit body, train both.

Here are five simple leg exercises for teenage girls,


Squatting will help to improve body posture. In girls, it will help to balance their teenage hormones. It will strengthen the leg muscles. 

Stand on your leg and hold it wide apart at the same time stretch the hand forward. Keep the body straight. Go down slowly while keeping the posture and get back up. Don’t forget to breathe. Do it 20 times.

Jump Squat

One of the easy leg workouts is jump squat without giving up the comfort of home. Stand on your feet, and hold it slightly wide. Position your butt into a squat.

Then jump as high as you can and come back to the previous squatting position. Swing the arms as you do it. Jump squat increases stamina. It helps to train your leg muscles and reduce any chances of injuries.

Leg Lifts

This exercise helps to reduce belly fat, tone the thigh muscles, and helps to build abs. To do this lie flat down with the back flat on the floor and slowly lift your legs. Hold at an angle for 3 seconds and then slowly bring the leg to the previous position.

Leg Cycling

Leg cycling helps to tone the glutes and calves. It improves endurance and flexibility. To perform this exercise, lie down on a yoga mat and Lift your head.

Hold the head with your hands and lift the legs. Do cycling action with your legs while holding the position. Do 6 reps.

V – Sit

V-sit is a simple exercise, but this exercise can bring strength to your hips. It will improve your core strength. It also helps to build coordination.

Sit on a flat surface preferably on a mat or floor. Lift your thighs and bring it at a 45-degree angle. Meanwhile, bend your body and stretch your arms. Hold the position for a few seconds. 


All these exercises are simple. They do not require any equipment. These leg exercises will help to improve the strength of your lower body. Do not forget to take a break in between. Apart from doing proper exercises, follow a balanced diet to get the full benefit of exercising.

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