Unraveling The Mystery Of Kleine-Levin Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments

We all want to sleep and sleep but if we told you that there’s a condition out there that lets you sleep (without your own will) for days, weeks, or even months? No, it is not related to any coma condition but a dreadful syndrome called KLS or the Kleine-Levin Syndrome (and it’s true as it sounds).

One of the most dreadful and rarest sleeping orders, this syndrome is known to impact people’s sleeping patterns and has more to it. Let’s explore. 

Sleeping Beauty syndrome is a rare neurological disorder (which is scary and sacred) that makes people sleep excessively with many of those kinds of episodes. Episodes of hypersomnia are commonly known and meant to make a person sleep for days, weeks, or months where you may easily sleep for 20 hours a day. Scary as it is, with this type of syndrome affecting people worldwide you may see many people having it as a challenge.

Common Symptoms Of Kleine-Levin Syndrome

Common Symptoms Of Kleine-Levin Syndrome
  • People who are sleeping in excess and for them sleeping not is irresistible which is making them stay away not on their own. They may be able to be awake for a few hours but after that, they are unable to do so.
  • People will experience a delay in response related to cognitive functions like confusion, and memory loss and they’ll also be unable to concentrate completely over the matter.
  • People with altered behavior patterns like usually go through aggression, child-like behavior, self-control, and other irritability.
  • People who are in this will also want to eat more and more, it might be a result of weight gain afterward as the condition is responsible for the same.
  • People may also get involved in tasks and activities like drawing or writing tasks which are called excessive behavior patterns.

Various Causes Of Kleine-Levin Syndrome

This syndrome called the KLS is one of the rare conditions that is also a combination of genetic, environmental, and neurological factors that is linked with head injuries, or other infections like autoimmune disorders.

There is a link between these conditions with the potential of getting involved with the immune system as well as this disorder and you need to undergo a proper medical diagnosis to fully understand the situation.


People may not be able to diagnose this condition medically as there is no specific test for KNS but doctors are blessed in disguise! They make sure to undergo your clinical evaluation along with the medical history and other genetic factors which will rule out the potential causes of excessive sleepiness. Medical professionals may also make you undergo some of sleep studies (commonly known for observing the pattern and making people sleep all the time).

Treatment For Kleine-Levin Syndrome

As you may know, there is no cure for this condition, but you have to manage and improve the symptoms. This is done along with the quality of life with a lot of supportive care that people will monitor. They will also look out for the complications that may be affecting your sleeping patterns. It is done to ensure that they are getting proper nutrition along with the management of behavioral issues.

  • There are many medications that stimulate your episodes of sleepiness, and will also improve attentiveness or alertness like modafinil, etc. 
  • There is a more stabilizing medicine that will also help to the severity of the syndrome and will help you overall to deal with the mood swings called lithium.
  • You may also be advised to regulate your sleeping patterns and also control. Some of the behavioral symptoms with other medications are called anticonvulsants.
  • People under these conditions are also requested to go and opt for psychiatric support which will address the emotional as well as psychological aspects of life.

Bottom Line

Living with a syndrome is in itself a challenge and people with KLS know that it is more than just a syndrome. It is one of the most challenging situations that requires a very strong supportive system along with education and guidance related to the management of the disorder. 

You need to make sure to Opt for the best treatment plans and consult a good medical professional. This does not mean that your life will stop but you have to make sure to understand all the essential steps that are required to live a desired life.

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