Is It Safe To Take Testosterone Boosters At Age 20? Know More!

Testosterone is the reason boys can mature to adulthood. It is a hormone that helps boys to reach puberty, and it comes with features like a deeper voice, sperm production, making of red blood cells, regulating sex drive, body hair, etc. The testicles make it. Testosterone is supposed to be higher in younger men below 20; however, some factors must have made it low, so they sought solutions like testosterone boosters to improve it.

What Makes Young Men Have Low Testosterone?

Poor lifestyle choices like unhealthy diet, no exercise, too much stress, inadequate sleep, and drug abuse can reduce their testosterone levels. Obesity is another factor that can lower testosterone levels. That’s why it’s good to try weight loss strategies like exercises, yoga, high-calorie reduction, and a balanced diet. 

There are some illnesses, like diabetes, kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, etc., that can reduce the performance of hormones that produce testosterone. They include the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain that will inform the testicles to make testosterone.

Young Men Having Low Testosterone

Another cause of low testosterone in young men is endocrine disorders that affect the endocrine system, like hypogonadism, pituitary gland disorders, and thyroid issues.

Since many guys are aware of the importance of this hormone, whether they lack it or not, they decide to take testosterone boosters, which are supplements that can increase testosterone levels or limit its reduction in a man.

Guys at 20 take it to look more athletic. Testosterone can improve muscle mass, strength, and athletic performance. So it makes them fit and helps their career.

Another reason is for higher sex drive. They are unsatisfied with their sexual performance with their partner, so they take these supplements to boost their libido. One more reason is that they are not content with how they look, even if it’s not related to athleticism. They believe having more muscle mass and lower fat can boost their confidence by looking more masculine.

How Safe Is Testosterone Boosters For Men At 20?

It’s not safe because these young men are still developing, and it can cause lots of side effects. Moreover, your testosterone level reduces from 25 years upward, so you are taking it at the wrong time. The following are side effects to expect from taking testosterone boosters at 20:

1. Hormonal Imbalances: 

When you take testosterone boosters at this young age, your hormones will not function properly. The supplement will reduce the production of testosterone and, instead, increase estrogen levels, which can enlarge the breasts of men (gynecomastia), including the reduction of your metabolism, libido, etc.

2. Psychological Effects: 

Usually, high testosterone can boost your mood and well-being, but taking testosterone boosters can increase it more than usual and negatively affect your mood. You’ll start experiencing mood swings, aggression, etc. This is because the supplements have overpowered your testosterone, and it cannot effectively control your mood.

3. Physical Health Risks: 

When you take testosterone boosters at 20, know it can also affect your body system. For instance, it will increase the production of red blood cells, which can thicken the blood and result in blood clots. When these blood clots enter the arteries, they pile up and block blood flow from reaching the heart, a process known as atherosclerosis, affecting the cardiovascular system. Then you will start experiencing problems like heart attack or stroke. 

The liver might not be able to remove toxins from the body anymore and perform other functions due to excess testosterone from testosterone boosters. You’ll stand the risk of liver damage or liver tumors, which can be fatal.

4. Natural Testosterone Suppression: 

Do you know that when you rely on artificial testosterone boosters to improve your testosterone levels, your body will stop producing it as usual? Therefore, you’ll become addicted to it as it is with other drugs, and you’ll keep depending on it for a long time. Now, when you stop taking it, your body cannot back you up, so you’ll lack the testosterone to improve your mood, libido, muscle strength, etc.

5. Fertility Issues: 

As a young man, know that these testosterone boosters can reduce sperm production, which you need for reproduction. As a result, the quality of your sperm will be low, which could affect your relationship, especially if you’re married.

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Young men at 20 should not be tempted to use testosterone boosters if they have low testosterone levels. Instead, they should consult a healthcare provider because these supplements can do more harm than good.

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