Importance Of Iron And Calcium During Adolescence – A Quick Look!

Adolescence is considered a significant phase of human development. It marks the onset of rapid physical, mental, and social growth. This phase marks cognitive development and sexual maturation in a child. 

Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood. It is a confusing developmental stage to be in. An adolescent is not a child and also not an adult. An adolescent is somewhere in the middle of childhood and adulthood. This period prepares them to face adulthood in every aspect.

Based on age, there are three stages of adolescence, they include :

  • Early Adolescence (Age 10 to 13)
  • Middle Adolescence (Ages 14 to 17)
  • Late Adolescence ( Age 18 to 21)

During these stages, the child will experience different changes in the body and mind. Moral development, cognitive development,  development of reproductive organs, and social development are parts of adolescence. A child hits puberty in this phase. 

Altogether adolescence is all about the significant development of all aspects of a child. For this purpose, the human body needs nutrients. Lack of sufficient nutrient intake during adolescence can lead to disrupted growth and development. Two of the most essential minerals needed for balanced development in adolescence are Iron and Calcium.

Role Of Iron And Calcium In The Adolescence Period

Role Of Iron And Calcium In The Adolescence

Since adolescence is a period of rapid growth, there is a need for an improved and healthy diet. A child at this stage has to produce a lot of energy in a single day because of increased physical activity. Adolescence children spend their energy indulging in various physical activities. Thus a complete diet is crucial for a child in this stage. 

Adolescence children have a higher risk of Iron and Calcium deficiency. So at this stage, parents should make sure children are taking sufficient nutrients and minerals. 

? Importance Of Calcium Intake In Adolescents

The food habit a child follows during the adolescence stage will have an impact in the later stages of life. To develop a strong bone structure, a child needs to take sufficient calcium during this stage because human beings lose bone strength as they get old. Teens usually involve in activities like sports that require bone strength

A teen needs to consume 1,300 mg of Calcium per day. Taking adequate calcium will minimize the risk of future loss of bone strength. While stepping into adulthood, they will have a perfect and sturdy set of bones.

? Importance Of Iron Intake In Adolescents

Just like Calcium Iron also plays a key role in promoting rapid growth during adolescence. Iron plays a significant role in circulating oxygen in the body. Girls in the adolescence period require 15 mg of iron per day. On the other hand, boys need 11 mg of iron per day. Adolescent girls are at higher risk of iron deficiency.

Iron helps the body to make hemoglobin. Enough production of hemoglobin leads to the sufficient distribution of oxygen to organs. 

So Calcium and Iron are necessary for growth. Any sort of imbalance in it leads to future complications. The human body needs certain nutrients and minerals in each stage. The adolescence period demands it more. A child in adolescence has a lot of choices in food. But eating the right food will be the best choice. Include these food items in the diet for a balanced intake of calcium and iron.

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Calcium-Rich Food Items For Adolescents

Even though calcium supplements are available in the market, including these food items in the diet can naturally increase the level of calcium in the body.

? Collard greens and spinach

? All kinds of dairy products

? Canned fish

? Beans

? Soy food 

Iron-Rich Food Items For Adolescents

A healthy teen must include Iron-rich food in the diet. Including the following food items will help to elevate the level of Iron in the body.

? Dried fruits 

? Nuts

? Seafood and red meat 

? Green veggies 

? Beans

? Iron-fortified bread


During the adolescence period, a child undergoes different stages of development. To foster growth, following a healthy diet is a necessity. Incorporate nutrients in the diet. Consume the required level of calcium and iron because teens have a higher risk of deficiency. A well-balanced diet can do wonders.

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