What Causes Immune Deficiency? How To Boost Immune System?

Our body’s defense squad, the immune system, is like a shield that protects us from invaders like viruses and bacteria. It helps keep us healthy and fit, with no diseases, and no infections! But when this shield is weakened, it leaves us open to illnesses. We get more prone to infections, even if they are small. For instance, you can get attacked by cold and cough more frequently as compared to your peers. Some people even tend to fall sick as soon as there is a slight change in the weather. This is a bad sign and has to be solved.

In this exploration, let’s dive into the reasons behind weak immunity and discover practical ways to strengthen our body’s natural defenses.

Causes of Weak Immunity

There are various reasons as to why our immunity gets compromised. It is important to understand what exactly led to this situation. This is crucial before you solve it. It will give you more clarity on your current situation.

What Causes Immune Deficiency

Some people are born with a less robust immune system due to their genes. Conditions like severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) and specific antibody deficiency are examples of inherited weak immunity.

AIDS is a major problem, especially when it comes to an individual’s immunity. It is the first thing that attacks your immune system. The result is that a person’s body becomes prone to various infections. In some cases, the chances for cancer spike as well.

Chronic diseases like diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and chronic kidney disease can compromise the immune system, making it less effective in fighting off intruders.

Have you heard the popular saying that what you eat is what you turn into? Well yes, the immune system is the prime example of it. Either you are following an unbalanced diet or not consuming enough nutrients. In any case, your immune system will be affected.

Persistent stress can take a toll on the immune system by releasing hormones that suppress its activity. It is important that you indulge in activities that can reduce stress. This can be a mindfulness activity like Yoga or meditation or anything that puts your mind at ease. You can read goods or watch your comfort TV show.

There are some medicines in the market that solve the current problem but lead to greater issues later on. These are chemotherapy and corticosteroid pills. They decrease your immunity and the chances of infection automatically increase.

Although yes, aging is very natural and something we can NEVER stop. But the reality is that it also contributes to how our immune system works. When we grow older, this automatically affects the growth and functioning of immune cells.

Strategies to Strengthen the Immune System

A balanced diet works wonders for everything, the immune system is no different. If you are into junk food, it is time to switch to a healthy diet. See how these meals respond to strengthen the immune power of your body.

Exercising is also crucial. Make sure you indulge in regular workouts to keep yourself fit and get away from those lethargic moments. It will boost your immune system. The immune cell functioning will improve and you will see a difference.

Another factor that is important for your immune system is sleep. When you are in sleep mode, your body works for the regeneration and repair of cells. The immune system releases cytokines so that it can beat all kinds of infections.

As we discussed above one of the causes, stress ruins everything. So, you have to get involved in activities that fight this problem. Wake up every day and start with some deep breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation.

The immune system depends a lot on water more than any other fluid. The role of water is to shift nutrients inside the body and flush out toxins. This helps keep your body clean and properly functioning.


Make sure you incorporate some changes to your lifestyle to strengthen the immune system. Seeking guidance from healthcare professionals ensures personalized strategies tailored to individual health needs and conditions.

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