Does Hydration Influence Muscle Growth? Understanding The Connection

Muscles here, muscles there, nowadays gym is just not about a fitness journey but a new fashion that people have unleashed like a pro. Talking about muscle building, it is no cakewalk- and you cannot deny it (given that through the right time of exercises and workout regimes we can achieve a perfect figure). You have to follow a strict diet along with some hectic exercises and other recovery strategies (that the trainer talks about) only then you will be able to get the desired body. 

But did you know there is more to bodybuilding techniques and workout plans? You know the importance of hydration but did you know it can also help in muscle growth and more? You have to stay healthy and hydrated to get the maximum results out of the body (and you will thank us later for this tip).

Hydration or the water intake in your body is extremely important for muscle building and you cannot ignore its effects afterward. It plays a very important role in the growth of muscles and you will realize how beautifully hydration is related to the gains (and it works wonders). But wait, everything is good but in a restricted quantity.

Hydration And How It Works

Water is essential overall and here it is one of the unsung heroes of that body (muscles for the win). Did you know that muscles are extremely important as they carry functions like digestion and temperature regulation (you’ll be surprised to know that it’s not the muscles but 79% of the water that contributed to such physiological processes).

Hydration Influence on Muscle Growth

  • Muscles are made up of many components and the common ones are protein and water (along with minerals). They are built based on protein intake and hence are also a storehouse of proteins but when hydrated may not be able to function properly. Water has to be there and it should be well hydrated and along with it, the functions should be efficiently there. If it’s not there you might feel fatigue and cramps along with the effects on the workout performance.
  • This way your nutrients are also transported and you will be able to get more proteins than expected (thanks to the water intake you’ll be getting). It is easily done via protein hydration and you’ll be able to enable the building blocks of muscles that are protein. So people who go for intense workouts can try this hack.
  • There is another popular thing your body might go through which is protein synthesis (a way of muscle repair as well as growth). The body knows it can stay hydrated and perform the process- this way ensures that all the resources are available for recovery and building. But your potential can be affected if you aren’t getting enough water supply or are very lazy about water intake.
  • There will be cell volume increment or the way your body looks overall. We are sure you can get that pump and without the hydration, it cannot be achieved (you would be surprised to see the pump after your body is fully hydrated). Your overall process of protein growth is increased and you’ll be a change like never before (gym and water are amazing!).
  • Your stamina along with the muscle-orientated workouts will also increase and you’ll feel better than before. It is a way your body will act on it and you’ll feel a change that is good for you and your body.

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As discussed it is very important for people to stay hydrated and get the desired pump as expected but only with a few restrictions. This technique does not mean you have to drink and keep drinking the water but know your limits (along with the check on urine color). Make sure you are validating your body and taking an account of everything before you stamp it with a water flood. If you are unable to consume water, make sure to change that habit (you can monitor and include it in the diet as well). Fitness is not a struggle but only one when taken as one!

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