How To Stop Muscle Cramps Fast? 6 Best Remedies For Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are painful, and everyone might have experienced them at some point in time. It can also be called muscle spasms, and the reason behind this is tensed and unrelaxed muscles. Besides, the lack of electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium in our body can also cause muscle cramps.

Thus, here in this article, we are going to explore ways to stop muscle cramps fast. So, just dive down into the list below.

Instant Ways To Stop Muscle Cramps Or Spasms

1. Use Painkillers Or Relief Sprays

One of the fastest ways you can stop muscle cramps is by taking painkillers or applying relief sprays. However, if you want to stop muscle cramps with painkillers, ensure that it is prescribed by a doctor.

Instant Ways To Stop Muscle Cramp

Further, relief sprays are one of the best ways to stop spasms instantly and relax the muscles. Applying relief sprays can warm up or have a cold effect on the muscles to release tension and contraction.

2. Warm Up Your Muscles With Massage

Massaging the muscle you are having cramps can also be helpful. Using this procedure with your hand in circulation motion can be helpful. This will loosen up the muscles and help release the tension and pain from the area.

Moreover, massaging can warm up your muscles and soothe the tension to relax the muscles.

3. Stretching Can Reduce Muscle Tension

Muscle cramps are contractions and tightening of your muscles, which cause sharp pain. Thus, stretching out can help you relax the muscles.

When you have a cramp, just stop doing any activity and try stretching the part of your body you have a cramp. Holding the stretch for a few seconds can release the tension from your muscles and help them to relax.

4. If Possible, Try Moving

In case you have muscle cramps in your legs or hands, you can try to do some movement. Walking slowly or rotating your hands can help release the tension in the muscles. However, do this only if you are able to move or else try other methods. Movement can help bring your muscles to their normal behavior and reduce contraction and tightening.

5. Go With Thermal Effects

Heating and cooling effects will help you instantly release the tension and contraction from the muscles. To apply heat, you can use a hot towel or hot water bag on the cramping area. On the other hand, for a cooling effect, you can use gel or ice packs on the muscle.

The effectiveness of applying heat or cold may vary according to the individual. So, try both of them and choose the one that is more effective for you.

6. Intake Of Fluids

Intake of fluids, such as drinking enough water, might be a slow way to stop muscle cramps, but after having a cramp, you should ensure that you are hydrated. It will prevent you from having cramps further. Fluids help our muscles to function smoothly and properly, so it is important to keep yourself hydrated.

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Bonus: Preventing Muscle Cramps

If you have cramps frequently, then I can understand how problematic and painful it can be for you. Thus, as we explored some ways to stop cramps fast, here are some ways you can prevent them in the future.

  • Before and after you indulge in any intense physical activity, such as playing sports or exercise, make sure to stretch all your muscles.
  • Always drink enough water and electrolyte drinks to keep your body hydrated; fluids and electrolytes help our muscles function smoothly.
  • Include magnesium-rich foods in your diet, such as almonds, spinach, cashew nuts, and cooked brown rice.

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Should You Consult A Doctor?

Cramps are a common problem, and they can occur to everyone. It is not a serious problem, but you might need to seek a doctor’s help in some situations.

  • If the pain is severe and unbearable.
  • The cramp does not go away with the above-mentioned ways, such as stretching, massage, etc.
  • Muscle cramps last for a longer duration of time.


So, that was all about how you can stop muscle cramps fast. Thus, the next time you have a cramp, get rid of it by stretching, massaging, applying relief spray, heat or cold, etc. These are the effective ways through which you can stop muscle cramps. On the off chance you find severe pain due to muscle cramps, then it is advisable to visit a doctor.

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