How To Prevent Breast Cancer? Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer!

Breast cancer is an invasive cancer. It is one of the most common cancers among women; breast cancer also affects males but is rare. One of the leading causes of breast cancer is a genetic mutation or damage to a person’s DNA. 

Breast cancer symptoms are like lumps in the breast, changes in size or shape of the breast, changes in skin color around the nipple, etc. However, all lumps are not cancerous. With the increasing technology and research, breast cancer treatments are available, but still, it is one of the most dangerous diseases among women. 

You will see what several proactive steps you can take to avoid deadly breast cancer in your life and live a healthy and happy life. 

Best Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

All have seen someone in their life who has suffered from breast cancer and still people who die because of this disease.

Best Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Following a healthy lifestyle, and diet, you can still avoid breast cancer. 

1] Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle And Diet

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone to live a healthy and fit life and avoid breast cancer. This is a fundamental step to prevent it, which includes a well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Drink enough water and try to avoid processed and packaged foods. 

Eating well-balanced food, staying hydrated, and being physically active can avoid many diseases, including breast cancer. 

2] Do Regular Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is essential for preventing breast cancer. Do 150 minutes plus of moderate weekly activity, like cycling, running, swimming, brisk walking, etc. Exercise not only helps in weight control but also helps in hormonal regulations and possibly lowers the risk of breast cancer. 

Avoid sitting in one place for a long time. Take enough rest and sleep, try to move your body more often, and use stairs instead of lifts. These types of activities can help you live a healthy life and also avoid breast cancer. 

3] Avoid Alcohol And Smoking 

Try to avoid alcohol and smoking consumption, and It has scientific evidence that avoiding or minimizing these things can decrease the risk of breast cancer. Including many other types of cancers, smoking also causes breast cancer. If you are smoking or drinking alcohol, it would be the better choice to quit smoke and alcohol to live a healthy life. 

4] Keep Body Weight In Control

Try to keep your body weight in control; increasing body weight comes with many healthcare benefits, including breast cancer. Growing fat increases the risk of many cancers, including breast cancer. 

5] Do Breastfeeding 

Breastfeeding for 1 year or more to your child has a lot of benefits to the child as well as to the mother as well. Breastfeeding gives infants lots of nutritious benefits and protects mothers from breastfeeding. A woman doing longer breastfeeding in their life span has a lower risk of breast cancer. 

6] Avoid Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy

To prevent chronic problems, menopausal hormonal therapy shouldn’t be used long-term. According to many studies, it lowers the risk of many diseases and increases the risk of others. The risk of breast cancer rises because of hormones. If any woman is doing postmenopausal hormone therapy, she must do it for a shorter time. Consult your doctor for more information regarding this topic. 

7] Know Your Family History

Know the medical history of your family, and it is seen that families with a breast cancer history have more risk of giving this disease to the new generation. If so, consult your doctor. 

8] Avoid Birth Control Pills

Taking birth control pills also increases the risk of breast cancer; it is less in younger women, but in women of 35+ years, it can increase the risk of breast cancer. If you want to lower this risk, avoid taking birth control pills or consult your doctor. 

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Live A Cancer-Free Life! 

“ A healthy body is the greatest wealth. “To live a cancer-free life, you must follow these proactive steps regularly and never forget to do regular mammograms after age 35 and do regular breast self-exams. Living a healthy lifestyle and regular check-ups can save you from many diseases, including breast cancer. 

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