How To Lower Estrogen In Men? Foods That Reduce Estrogen In Men

Are higher estrogen levels critical when it comes to men’s health? To be straight, yes! Higher estrogen levels can create a hormonal imbalance in men and create a lot of various health issues. This imbalance is caused not just because of the higher levels of the estrogen hormone but the decreasing levels of the testosterone hormone.

In the process of aging, the testosterone levels in men start to decline but parallelly, the estrogen levels will not decline, causing a consequential hormonal imbalance. This imbalance may also lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

However, there are ways that you may make use of if you would like to lower your estrogen levels and stay safe. This article is all about the techniques you may use for the same and some of the most beneficial food items that you can consider including in your diet to decrease your estrogen levels. 

Best Ways To Lower Estrogen In Men

1. Shed those extra pounds of fat around your belly 

Belly fat is something that most of us would be concerned about. But this concern would gradually subside with the passing of age. However, apart from the appearance concerns, this body fat may cause you trouble if you do not address it properly.

Shed Extra Pounds Of Fat Around Belly

Testosterone hormone in a male body will get converted to estrogen if they have more belly fat than healthy levels. A higher estrogen level may also lead to greater belly fat. Hence it is important to keep your belly fat percentage always below 15 to stay away from hormone-related health issues. 

2. Consume more Diindolymethane Vegetables 

Vegetables containing Diindolymethane are proven to be beneficial for hormonal imbalances in men. The Diindolymethane compound found in these vegetables can synthesize the stored hormones in the male body including estrogen. Thereby they would be able to rescue the estrogen levels in the body. Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and sprouts belong to these kinds of vegetables. 

3. Be careful with your meat intake 

Although there is no direct connection between the consumption of meat and the estrogen levels in the body, there is a hidden side effect in the same. Store-bought meat both white and red might have been injected with estrogen which can negatively affect your health when you consume them. To avoid this, you may purchase meat from local vendors you trust or farms where you can be assured about the treatments given to the poultry and the cattle. 

4. Say no to plastic-packed food items 

Plastic also does not directly increase the estrogen levels in your body. But in many cases, these plastic wraps, cups, bowls, or mugs may carry estrogen into your body, under certain circumstances. When these plastic food containers come in contact with higher temperatures, it creates a possibility for estrogen to transfer into your body. Hence make sure you do not have food items from plastic containers or microwave your plastic-packed foods and consume them. 

5. No beer, please! 

It is so unfortunate that beer being the happy drink of most people should be ditched to reduce the estrogen levels in men. Beer and other alcohol when affecting the liver, it leads to a spike in estrogen levels, causing subsequent health issues. When compared to other alcohols and alcoholic beverages, beer stands as the first one causing the greatest estrogen spikes.

Food Items That Lower Estrogen In Men 

The following are some of the food items that you may include in your daily diet to keep your estrogen levels in the lowest terrain possible. 

1. Cruciferous Vegetables

As mentioned previously in this article, it is the Diindolymethane that is responsible for reducing estrogen levels in men. Apart from reducing the levels of estrogen, it may also prevent prostate cancer in men. 

2. Mushrooms 

The functioning of mushrooms indirectly affects the levels of estrogen in the male body. It blocks aromatase in the male body something that converts testosterone into estrogen. 

3. Turmeric 

Including turmeric as an essential spice in all possible recipes can also help in preventing estrogen spikes in males. It is the curcumin present in turmeric that is responsible for these beneficial effects. 


Now, you might have a clear idea regarding the ways through which you may reduce estrogen levels, naturally. The food list may also help you strengthen your diet game to prevent the estrogen hormone spikes. 

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