How To Lose Back Fat? Tips & Techniques To Lose Back Fat

People with upper back fat usually seem to have boobs on their back. Sometimes, it might be excess at their upper back, mid back, or lower back, and it’s not lovely on short clothes, especially for women.  While it’s normal, it can be pretty sad for those willing to get rid of it. Some blame genetics, high intake of calories, age, etc., for it; however, don’t worry, there are ways to go about it. There are some things to eat, exercise, and other lifestyle changes if you want this fat to become a past tense.

Diet Approach

Most people think that to reduce back fat, they have to stop eating their favorite meal or their regular diet. However, that’s just a myth. You must watch the quantity of these foods consumed and the suitable types. So consider the following options:

  • Reduce your calorie consumption: Most foods you consume contain high calories and cause fat. Calories are the energy you get from eating, and when they are in excess, they are stored in the body as fat. Foods with high calories include nuts, butter, granola, avocado, fatty meats, cakes, whole grains, etc. So reduce how much you take these foods. Exercise can also help you quickly reduce the calories in your back fat. However, it depends on the kind of exercise adopted. More will be explained in the exercise approach section.
  • Eat nutritious meals: A nutritious meal should contain a balanced diet, provided you still reduce your calories. Add vegetables, lean protein, nuts and seeds, fruits, etc., to your meal during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just have a good diet plan with a good balanced diet and also low in calories.
  • Drink the proper fluid: Some drinks contain high calories, such as yogurts, smoothies, coconut water, grape juice, etc. To reduce back fat, drink enough water. You can also consider options like vodka soda, decaf coffee, white wine, etc.
  • Reduce salt and sugar in your meals: Foods like yogurts, honey, ketchup, corn syrup, etc., contain high sugar content that can cause back fat, so reduce your consumption. Moreover, salty foods, also known as a high sodium diet, can also cause weight gain at your back, and they include pizza,  poultry, leafy greens, sandwiches, etc., so also reduce your intake of them.

Exercise Approach

Some exercises are meant to increase your muscles, while others are intended to burn fat in certain areas. However, the exercise in this context is mainly meant to reduce your back fat, which includes those in your upper back, mid back, and lower back.

Exercise Approach To Lose Back Fat

Research has shown that if you want to lose upper back fat, you should consider doing lateral raises with dumbbells, rowing, plank, bent-over dumbbell rows, pull-ups, and speedbag exercises. 

To lose mid-back fat, the bridge position and the cobra pose are an option. Moreover, the reverse hip raise with an exercise ball, kneeling side leg lift, side plank crunch, side jackknife, cat-cow, dumbbell/kettlebell swing, and Superman technique can help to reduce lower back fat. 

Furthermore, try swimming, running, walking, jogging, dancing, etc. They all play a part in reducing fat, including your back fat, as well as making you healthy. Doing these exercises daily will show impressive results.

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Other Approach

Apart from the kind of foods you consume and the exercise adopted to reduce back fat, you can also try these strategies. They seem pretty straightforward and worth a try.

First, avoid stress. Do you know that when you’re stressed, you tend to derive joy in eating foods that may have high calories to relieve the stress? That’s why the stress hormone cortisol can also cause back fat. So what can you do instead? Just consider the following healthy stress relief options:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness

Another strategy is getting adequate sleep. Do you know that less sleep can play a huge role in gaining weight? A study proves that if a woman sleeps below 5 hours per night, she will gain more weight than another woman who sleeps above 5 hours. So try different strategies that can help you get sound sleep to lose your back fat.

Lastly, maintain good posture. Sitting correctly can help your fat not get stored in your back. Therefore, maintain good posture so that your fat can be adequately circulated in your body.


It’s possible to lose back fat provided you eat food that is low in calories, enjoy a balanced diet, avoid sugar and salty foods, drink the correct fluid, consider back fat reduction exercises, and try yoga, meditation, adequate sleep, and maintaining good posture.

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