Hemophilia Symptoms – What Are The Common Symptoms Of Hemophilia?

When you are looking for symptoms of hemophilia, either in yourself or for others, there are certain things you should know beforehand. If you want to know whether you or someone you know is suffering from hemophilia or not, you should know what hemophilia is, its types, and its reasons. Hemophilia is a rare disorder, but it affects 1 person in every 5,000 in the population of a country every year.

What Is Hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder that has mostly been seen in males. This is a genetic disorder mainly inherited by parents. Hemophilia is untreatable in the present time. This disorder lies in X chromosomes, as males have XY chromosomes; any defect in the X chromosome causes this disorder in males.

Hemophilia is a result of genetic mutation, where clotting factors VIII, IX, or XI can be deficient or missing altogether. This causes spontaneous bleeding in the patient that is hard to stop and can be life-threatening if not observed carefully. There are a total of three types of hemophilia:

  • Type-A: Caused due to lack of clotting factor VIII or complete absence of the factor.
  • Type-B: Caused due to lack or absence of clotting factor IX.
  • Type-C: Caused due to lack or absence of clotting factor XI.

5 Common Hemophilia Symptoms

There are many symptoms that are indicators of hemophilia in a person. Carefully observe these indications that indicate a person has hemophilia. Indications and symptoms can differ from mild to severe cases.

Common Hemophilia Symptoms

If the bleeding continues but stops slowly after a period of time, then it’s a mild case, and if the bleeding doesn’t stop at all, then it’s a severe case of hemophilia. Some symptoms that are commonly seen in a person suffering from hemophilia are mentioned here.

1] Frequent And Hard-To-Stop Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are quite common among people, as our nosebleeds stop quite rapidly. What if your nosebleed starts and doesn’t stop for a day? It will definitely be dangerous for your health. A person who is suffering from hemophilia will get a nosebleed, and it won’t stop on its own due to the lack of clotting factor in their body. Nosebleeds can be quite severe in a person with this disorder, so consult a specialist immediately.

2] Bleeding In Joints

Hemophilia can cause bleeding in the joints of a person. This bleeding causes intense pain to the person and can cause further disabilities. When a normal person gets a bleeding joint, the body’s coagulation system starts to clot the blood, while a person with hemophilia will suffer from longer bleeding. Joints are susceptible to bleeding, and it can break the joint lines. 

3] Blood In Urine And Stool

When blood comes into a person’s urine, there can be other disorders that can cause bleeding in the urine. If the person is seeing blood in urine as well as stool, then it is a strong indication of severe hemophilia. 60% of patients with hemophilia have suffered from hematuria(bleeding in urine and stool).

4] Bleeding After Taking Shots Or Vaccinations

Everyone has taken a shot or a vaccination at some point in their lives but has never seen blood during the process. Well, a person suffering from hemophilia will get nonstop bleeding from the smallest incision, like vaccine shots. This is a perfect indication of the person being held by hemophilia.

5] Bleeding In Gums And Mouth

Bleeding in gums and our mouth is pretty common as we cut our mouth with our teeth or a broken tooth. A person who has hemophilia will get frequent bleeding and bruises in their mouth as the gums are sensitive to even small scratches. A broken tooth is a nightmare for them, as it will bleed for days.

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Things To Do Up Next For The Hemophilia-Affected Person

There are tons of help that you can give to the person suffering from hemophilia. You can observe their diet to see if their diet consists of softer food items to prevent mouth bleeding. You can see that they not getting injured often. Monitor their bleeding in the joints as it will cause them pain and a lot of swelling. Hemophilia is untreatable at the present time; It is necessary to take care of the person suffering from it.

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