Public Documents – About HELENA Logo

HELENA is an European study that unify efforts with the aim to pave the way to improve the new trends and nutritional habits of the European community and particularly of the European adolescent community.

Although the environment of the study is strictly scientific there will be a direct access from the home page of the main web site to an additional micro web site designed for the adolescent population. The proposed graphic solution represented by stylish figures in constant movement symbolice, vitality, energy and illusion for life, attributes all these frequently assigned and identified with adolescence.

The acronym HELENA present in the center of the logo acquires its sobriety by the chosen typography. The colors chosen for the graphic image are a selection of the representative colours of the European Community where the HELENA study will take place.

The selected monochrome blue makes reference to the scientific character of the study. The main figure on the focused central area intends to extract all the vitality of a changing youth, in continuous evolution that distances itself from the rest, shining and at the same time sharing its interior energy.