How To Stop Hair Loss In Teenage Guys?

Hair loss is normal, and a majority of individuals experience it throughout their lives. Experts say it is normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. However, extreme hair loss is a point of concern. Most concerns about hair loss and balding in men begin in adulthood, in their 30s or older. Unfortunately, some start losing their hair during adolescence, which is highly unlikely as hair growth is considered stable at this age.

So, in this article, we will discuss why hair loss is seen in teen boys, prevention, and ways to treat it.

Symptoms And Causes Of Hair Loss In Teen Males

All humans, irrespective of their age, shed hair as part of the regular hair growth cycle. It is a normal mechanism for replacing damaged scalp and hair. Normally, children and teens won’t face excess hair loss at their age, but there are always exceptions.

Symptoms And Causes Of Hair Loss

When hair loss in the teenage years gets to a point where the scalp becomes visible in parts, it is referred to as premature hair loss. The signs of extensive or premature hair loss are: A receding hairline is the first sign of hair thinning in the teenage years. Hair thinning at the top of the head or a certain patch of the scalp and extreme hair loss while shampooing or combing the hair is also a sign of premature hair loss.

Although some types of hair loss seen are permanent, like pattern baldness, others can be temporary, which is likely to have occurred due to stress or some medical conditions. The potential causes of hair loss in teenage boys are:

➡️Genetics: This is a common cause of hair loss seen in both males and females. Hereditary male baldness can cause thinning of the hair or a receding hairline. 

➡️Nutritional deficiencies: Deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can result in hair loss. But the issues caused by it are often temporary.

Stress: Telogen effluvium is a condition where people lose their hair temporarily due to the stress of trauma.

➡️Medical issues: Medical conditions like Alopecia areata, thyroid diseases, and hormonal issues are observed to cause hair loss. Alopecia areata is an auto-immune disease where the immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing hair to fall out in patches. Under or overproduction of thyroid hormones can cause hair loss during puberty and can cause prolonged hair loss if not treated.

➡️Medications: Side effects from certain medications like those for treating ADHD, acne, and other psychological disorders can also result in hair loss.

➡️Ways to combat hair loss 

About half of these issues can be treated, as most of the causes are temporary. But it is necessary to get a proper diagnosis from the doctor to identify causes and treat hair loss. 


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): This treatment is considered to be one of the safest ways to promote hair regrowth or regeneration naturally. Before this treatment, blood samples are collected. Then the platelets are separated from plasma, enriched with protein-rich growth factors, and then injected back into the scalp, stimulating hair growth. This procedure can only be done on older teens.

Minoxidil: This is a drug that is used to treat teen boys and girls with hair loss and increase hair regrowth.

Finasteride: This drug is used to slow down hair loss, mainly in men over 18 years.

Supplements: Doctors prescribe multivitamin supplements for teens who don’t get enough nutrients from their diet.

➡️Natural measures

Healthy diet and lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is key to healthy hair. Teens with eating disorders and excessive physical activity do not get enough nutrients to maintain their health. Therefore, sticking to a healthy diet can solve hair loss caused by nutrient deficiency. A proper fitness routine and 8 hours of sleep can reduce stress and help you maintain overall health.

Proper styling and hair care: Using mild shampoos and conditioners is recommended by doctors to keep the scalp clean and reduce breakage of the hair. Avoiding brushing wet hair, tight hairstyles, and heat, and using suitable hair care products, can also reduce thinning and breakage of the hair.

Therapy and stress management: It is important to keep stress under control when reducing hair loss. It is wise to seek medical or professional help.

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To summarize, it is normal to shed 50–100 hairs a day in both teens and adults. Extreme hair loss in teen boys can be due to multiple factors like genetics, medical conditions, and lifestyle changes.

Hair loss from genetics, alopecia, and pattern baldness is seldom cured without proper medications or treatment. While some causes of hair loss can be reduced by altering a few habits. Nevertheless, it is recommended to see a doctor or dermatologist to deal with hair loss to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. 

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