Get The Facts: Will Glycerin Raise Your Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar levels are one of the most dreadful and not-so-sorted levels in our body. We all work very hard to maintain them and it is one of such hot topics in the world of nutrition that needs to be catered to cautiously. 

One such ingredient that might raise this question is glycerin, and in this blog, we will only explore the same. Is glycerin causing any impact on blood sugar levels? What are its potential health benefits and is it worth it? Let’s explore

Exploring Glycerin

Exploring Glycerin

For people who might not know about glycerin, it is one of the beauty ingredients. Many people take this in their lives. It is also called glycerol which is odourless. It is also a colourless liquid which is extensively found in the cosmetic industry. People can also see it in some of the food items.

Glycerin is a very naturally occurring compound which is extensively found in animal and vegetable fats and is very sweet in taste. What it does is, it retains moisture and also attracts it which is why it is a commonly occurring ingredient in some of the products. Many of the lotions and soaps along with some of the food items have a high content of glycerin. 

But one of the most concerning questions is whether it raises the blood sugar levels in a person or not.

Glycerin And Blood Sugar Levels

There are many impacts of glycerin that are found in the blood sugar level (and you’ll be surprised). It is also one of the most concerning topics for people who are majorly diabetic. People who are unable to manage their blood sugar levels or are at the extent of developing diabetes are concerned. Why? Because it is a sweet and odourless compound called glycerin. 

Glycerin has a minimal effect on blood sugar levels (even lower than many of the sweeteners and carbs found on the market). Although it is considered a sugar alcohol, it is very different from the original sugar compounds. These compounds might be called sorbitol and xylitol (sugar alcohols). This whole thing is absorbed very slowly in the body and does not spike blood sugar levels. Not even in diabetic patients (Surprised?).

So for people who are diabetic and want to have some of the sweetening options available for themselves, add the glycerin, and you will not feel a thing! This does not spike the sugar levels and people can monitor their blood sugar level and find the best alternating options. But did you know that anything in excess is dangerous and so is glycerin so make sure to minimise the consumption. It is said to be approached with caution to overcome the sweetness.

Health Benefits

  • Glycerine is said to have moisturizing properties that help to retain the moisture and also attract it. It is best for skin care products that hydrate the skin and also keep it smoother and age-free. If you have driver-sensitive skin, you will see it showing its effect and also can make your complexion fair.
  • For people who have a sore throat and cough-like symptoms, all the time, it can so or elevate that throat as well. It works extensively on the dry and scratchy throat and may provide you with relief from coughing.
  • There is also a positive effect on wound healing that glycerin can provide as it has a mild antiseptic effect. This is wound healing, which is applied to minor cuts or aberrations and also provides a protective barrier.
  • People who usually experience constipation may also get relief from glycerin which softens the stool and those stomach movements. 
  • Glycerin is also extensively used to preserve food products and increase their shelf life. You can easily find these products in baked items or other dairy products, including processed foods as well.

Wrapping Up!

Glycerin is indeed one of the most naturally occurring and appealing ingredients that work extensively internally and externally. But everything has a limited use and you should make sure to apply or intake it to a suggested level. Don’t worry about its effect on your blood sugar level as it is completely safe to take it (when consumed in a minimal quantity). 

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