FoliPrime Reviews: Is It An Effective Hair Follicle Detox Solution For Women?

Have you been looking for a hair loss solution to resolve all your hair health issues? You might have already used many hair care remedies to combat this, but do you know that most of the hair care products available in the market are filled with toxins and stimulants? The worst part is that these toxins stay on your scalp and it is not easy to remove them. By residing in your scalp they form as a layer over your scalp and suffocate the hair follicles, slowly resulting in the hair falling off. Over time, you might have thinner hair strands, your hair might lose the glow it once had and you might even turn bald. 

In that case, what you need is a hair support formula that flushes out all these toxins and then works on the health of the hair. Here we are with a supplement namely FoliPrime, which is a natural Egyptian balm that is made with biotin keratin and multiple other essential oils and minerals. Are you curious to know more about it? We have got you covered in this FoliPrime review. 


FoliPrime Quick Overview

  • Reduces hair loss
  • Improves the texture of hair
  • Maintains the health of the scalp
  • Makes the hair thick and strong 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

FoliPrime Reviews: An Organic Egyptian Balm To Get Rid Of Frequent Hair Loss!

This detailed FoliPrime review contains all the details on the supplement such as the whole list of the ingredients, the working of the supplement, the benefits, pros and cons, customer reviews, pricing, and more. So, start reading without wasting any more time. 

FoliPrime Review
Supplement NameFoliPrime
CategoryHair support formula
Net Quantity60 ml
Specially Designed ForWomen
Active Ingredients• Biotin
• Keratin
• Argan Oil
• Ricinus Oil
• Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract
• Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
• Babassu Oil
• Turmeric Oil
• Capsicum Essential Oil
• Myrrh Essential Oil
• Lemon Essential Oil
Expected Benefits• Reduces hair loss
• Improves the texture of hair
• Maintains the health of the scalp
• Makes the hair thick and strong
Quality Standards• Natural ingredients
• Made in the USA
• FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility
• Free from GMOs and stimulants 
Usage GuidelineTake 2-3 drops of the serum and massage it into the scalp using the fingertips.
Recommended TimingTwice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening
Consumer ReportsPositive
Side EffectsMinimal to none
Price $69 for one bottle
Bonuses2 free guides
Refund60 days
AvailabilityFoliPrime official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Exactly Is FoliPrime?

FoliPrime is a hair health support supplement that is made using a proprietary blend of selected plants and minerals and works by the synergy of all of them. It is a formula for women who are struggling with hair health issues such as hair thinning, hair becoming lifeless, and gradual hair loss. FoliPrime supplement comes in the form of hair serum and works by providing nutritional support for hair, enabling hair follicle stimulation, helping hair restore, and removing the toxins that have layered over the scalp. 

FoliPrime serum comes in bottles with each bottle having a net quantity of 2 fl oz (60 ml). It is manufactured in lab facilities in the US that are approved by the FDA and the whole making process takes place in adherence to the GMP guidelines and under strict supervision. There are no toxins in the formulation of the supplement and positive reviews have been getting reported from the FoliPrime customers. You have access to additional bonuses when you buy the supplement. Continue reading to know more about it. 

How Does Foliprime Work To Support Hair Growth?

FoliPrime hair loss prevention aid works by detoxifying the scalp and the follicles that are filled with toxins from the usage of other hair care and cosmetic solutions. After that, the serum works to provide the right nutrients to the follicles to stimulate them and help them hold the hair strands together. The health of the scalp is maintained by improving the blood circulation in the scalp and by keeping it moisturized. The dryness and itching in the scalp is thus reduced and it also prevents the dry flakes from forming in the scalp. 

The ingredients of the FoliPrime hair growth support formula complement one another to support hair regrowth and thicken the hair. It also improves the elasticity of the hair and resolves the issues of split ends. The supplement fights against hair breakage by strengthening the hair and it also increases the volume of the hair.

It repairs the oxidative stress and the free radical damage that has happened to the hair and shields it from happening again. The overall health of the hair is restored and the strands will be left with a healthy glow. In short, the FoliPrime serum acts as a hair follicle and detox formula and a nutrient provider at the same time. 

FoliPrime Ingredients: What’s Inside Every Drop And How It Matters?

This section is about the ingredients that are used to make the FoliPrime hair scalp protection oil. You can find the details of the key ingredients with the roles that they perform in promoting the health of the hair. 

FoliPrime Ingredients


Biotin is an essential vitamin in the B group of vitamins and it helps the hair to grow. It thickens the hair and keeps the hair fibers strong. It also stimulates the production of keratin. 


Keratin is a crucial FoliPrime ingredient for the development of hair. It strengthens the hair cells and tissues, reduces the split ends, and provides a healthy glow for the hair.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is synthesized from the kernels of the Argan tree predominantly found in Morocco. It provides necessary vitamins and other nutrients to the hair, keeps the hair hydrated, and prevents the scalp from getting dry. Also, it improves the elasticity of the hair. 

Ricinus Oil

Ricinus oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the castor beans. It provides nutrients to the hair follicles and strengthens the hair strands. The oil also boosts blood circulation and reduces breakage.  

Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract

Vanilla Planifolia is a vanilla species and the fruit extract of the plant is used in this. This fruit extract helps to condition and smoothen the hair. It is rich in antioxidants and prevents and repairs oxidation and free radical damage to the hair.  

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang is a yellow flower commonly found in tropical regions. The oil made for this is used to promote the growth of hair, improve blood flow to the scalp, and prevent conditions such as dandruff

The other FoliPrime ingredients are Babassu Oil, Turmeric Oil, Capsicum Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, and Frankincense Essential Oil.

Directions To Use FoliPrime Hair Support Serum

Take 20 drops of the FoliPrime serum and massage it into the scalp using the fingertips. You can also use a soft toothbrush to apply the serum by dipping the toothbrush in the serum and then slowly rubbing it on the scalp. You are to take time and apply the FoliPrime formula all over the scalp in circular motions. Also, apply the serum at the roots of the hair. 

FoliPrime Supplement Facts

Leave it like that for a while so that the scalp and hair have enough time to absorb the serum. This way the FoliPrime oil will be able to work through the toxins and contaminants that have accumulated in the outer scalp and remove these from the scalp. 

Advantages Offered By FoliPrime Hair Health Formula

Using the FoliPrime hair health support serum can have many benefits for your hair. The key benefits are listed below in bullet points. A brief description is attached to each of them so that you can understand better.

Reduces hair loss

FoliPrime drop supports hair loss prevention in females by stimulating the follicles and improving their grasp on the hair. The hair strands are provided with the right nutrients so that they are no longer lifeless. 

Improves the texture of hair

FoliPrime hair loss relief formula ensures hair texture improvement. The hair is provided a healthy glow, it is made less frizzy. The dryness of the hair is removed. 

Maintains the health of the scalp

The health of the scalp is maintained by the FoliPrime supplement by improving the blood circulation to the scalp. This in turn improves the health of the hair follicles and the individual hair strands. The scalp is hydrated and the dryness and itchiness from the scalp are removed. 

Makes the hair thick and strong 

The supplement improves the overall health of the hair to reduce hair thinning. It adds volume to the hair and keeps it strong. 

Evaluating The FoliPrime Pros And Cons

This section is about the pros and cons of the FoliPrime hair health solution. The pros and cons are briefed and added in bullet points for your convenience of comprehension.


  • All natural formula
  • Easy to use
  • Made in an FDA-approved lab facility
  • GMP-adherent making process
  • Made in USA
  • No stimulants 


  • Multiple imitations available in the market
  • Can only be bought from the FoliPrime official website 

FoliPrime Customer Reviews And Reports

Going through the FoliPrime customer reviews, it was understood that the customers have been getting results from the hair growth formula for women. The ladies after using the supplement reported that their hair had become stronger and thicker. From the FoliPrime reviews that they provided one thing evident was those who used the serum with consistency were able to get rid of their hair loss issues. 

The serum, when applied on the scalp every day, was able to support the hair to grow into volumes and they no longer had to struggle with their hair being all over the comb, bathroom floor, and pillow. These FoliPrime reviews were collected only from verified users and there are more than 25,950 reviews available. 

Potential Side Effects Linked With FoliPrime Usage

FoliPrime hair scalp support aid does not look like a supplement that might cause side effects to the users. The supplement is made using natural ingredients that are science-backed and research-proven. Now moving on to the manufacturing of the FoliPrime, it is made right here in the US inside lab facilities that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US. The whole of the making process takes place in adherence to the guidelines put forward by the GMP. 

FoliPrime solution does not contain any stimulants, toxins, or artificial ingredients that might cause an ill effect on you. So far, a repost of side effects has not happened from a verified buyer. Considering all these, it can be said that FoliPrime haircare liquid does look like a supplement that is safe to use. However, you are to strictly adhere to the dosage and usage instructions. 

Where To Purchase FoliPrime Bottles?

FoliPrime hair follicle detox solution is only available on its official website. There are no other e-commerce stores or any other sellers that you can buy this supplement from. Below are the different FoliPrime price ranges at which the supplement is available:

One bottle$69Free shipping
Three bottles$59 eachFree shipping
Six bottles$49 eachFree shipping

It has a 60-day money-back guarantee when you buy it from its official website. Even after using the FoliPrime oil for about 60 days if you still feel that you are not getting the results that you expected, then you can let the customer support team know that. All of your money will be refunded as it is a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Additional Haircare Tricks With FoliPrime Bonuses

When you buy the supplement from the FoliPrime official website you have access to additional bonuses. There are two bonuses that you will get and you will not be charged extra for these bonuses. The details of the FoliPrime bonuses are as follows:

FoliPrime Bonuses

Free Bonus 1: Common Mistakes That Make Your Hair Look Dull and Lifeless

This is a guide that contains step-by-step instructions on revisiting the habits that you have been used to for the past many years and have been causing damage to your hair. This guide actually worth 55 US dollars will help you to stop these habits that are damaging your hair, making it dry, and making it prone to breakages. 

Free Bonus 2: Grow Your Hair 4X Faster: Simple Tips and Tricks for Luscious Locks

This guide contains multiple tricks and tips that you can use to support the thickness and volume of your hair. A few of the tricks are the onion trick, the fingernail hack, and the one that makes your scalp drunk that detoxifies the follicles. It is actually worth 54 US dollars. 

Note that the bonuses are only available when you buy either a 3-bottled or a 6-bottled package. 

Bottomline: FoliPrime Reviews

It’s evident from this FoliPrime review that it’s a reputable choice for enhancing hair growth. It removes the toxins present in the hair follicles and scalp and provides the right nutrients to stimulate the growth of the hair strands. FoliPrime hair loss prevention formula is made using essential proteins, oils, and minerals and is manufactured in a lab facility inside the US that is FDA-approved and GMP-certified. It comes in the form of a serum for external use and is easy to apply. 

So far, the FoliPrime customers have reported that they have been getting results from the formula. When you buy the supplement you have access to two additional bonuses that will help you to fasten the journey of hair loss prevention and hair restoration. This supplement appears to be a try and if you feel the same way you are to buy it only from the FoliPrime official website. It also has a money-back guarantee. 

FoliPrime Reviews – The Overall Supplement Score

FoliPrime is a hair health support supplement that is made using a proprietary blend of selected plants and minerals and works by the synergy of all of them. It is manufactured in lab facilities in the US that are approved by the FDA and the whole making process takes place in adherence to the GMP guidelines and under strict supervision.

Kristen M Anderson

FoliPrime Supplement Score
Hair Growth Support
Customer Reviews

Overall Score

Through a thorough examination that takes into account various factors, such as the quality of ingredients, adherence to production standards, and feedback from customers, we’ve crafted a comprehensive assessment of the FoliPrime formula, culminating in an overall score.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the FoliPrime haircare solution contain GMOs?

No, the FoliPrime oil does not contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). The official website of the supplement says that no GMOs are not present in their formulation, and neither are any other artificial ingredients that might harm your health. 

2. Will the results go away when I stop using the FoliPrime supplement?

No, the results that you have already received will not fade once you stop using the FoliPrime formula. It is recommended that you use the 6-bottle package to get long-lasting results. 

3. I bought one FoliPrime bottle. Now, I want to order more. What should I do?

If you want to buy more bottles of the supplement, then you can do it the same way you ordered it the first time. You can go to the FoliPrime official website, choose the number of bottles that you want to order, proceed to the checkout page, and then make the payment. 

4. How many FoliPrime drops should I intake?

The supplement is strictly for external use and you are not to intake even one single FoliPrime drop. Drinking the formula might have other health complications for you. 

5. Can I expect instant results from the FoliPrime hair growth formula?

The supplement works by providing the right nutrients needed for hair growth and by repairing the already incurred damages. Therefore, it will take a while before you can expect the results and you are not expecting instant results from FoliPrime liquid.

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