Effective Weight Gain Exercises For Men And Women: How To Bulk Up Safely?

There are two kinds of people when it comes to a fitness journey, those with the goals of weight loss and those who are obsessed about weight gains. However, both find it difficult to hit their targets in their own ways.

According to people on their weight loss journeys, gaining weight is not a big deal and it happens literally doing anything according to their physiques. However, the contrary can be seen on the other where the bulking aspirants report the struggles of following a perfect weight gain diet for over a consistent period of time and losing a couple of kilos when they fall sick the next time.

All these are issues that happen when you are not doing the diet and workouts the right way. The key formula when it comes to weight gain diets is to make sure that you stay on a calorie-excess diet with discipline and to deal with cardio only on a low-moderate level.

The main thing you should focus on when it comes to the workout part is strength training rather than cardio. If such tips and slight changes can be taken care of, then you may also have a healthy weight gain for sure.

In this article, we will discuss some of the important exercises that you need to get your hands with more enthusiasm to serve the purpose. 

Essential Strength Training Exercises For Effective Bulking

  • Pushups 

Pushups are one of the best and inevitable workouts that you must do if you are planning to bulk up your physique. There are a lot of workout videos available on the internet that help you do pushups in the right way. However, the best method is to have someone supervise you in the process so that you will not make any mistakes while working out.

Exercise to Gain Weight

More than the repetitions of the pushups you take, the most important thing lies in the accuracy of your moves. Incorrect moves may lead to serious injuries on your shoulders, thighs, and many parts of the body. The injury can be quite worse since pushups belong to the category of a high-intensity workout.

If you do not have anybody to look after you while working out, the best thing you can do is to record yourself and take a look for the quality indicators of the right pushup. This workout may easily shed the fat in your body and build healthier muscle masses in their place, contributing to the process of bulking. 

  • Pullups

Pullups are another kind of exercise where you hang on to a sturdy cylindrical rod, and do the ups and downs. This is a great way to build the core strength and resistance of your body. Apart from that, if you have really slender arms and shoulders, this may help you build muscle masses in those regions and bulk up.

Weight gainers’ favorite biceps and wings are the results of intense pullups they do with consistency during workout sessions. There are no repetition restrictions for pullups. However, it is always better to start slow and gradually build your repetitions according to your growing resistance. 

  • Squats 

This is one of the most favorite workouts when it comes to women who are on their bulking journey. The target areas of this particular strength training workout are your glutes and legs. Over time, you will notice your quadriceps muscles bulking up.

However, if you are someone who practices this workout on a daily basis, then make sure that you are consuming enough protein to satisfy your daily dietary requirement for the same. This is to help your muscles in the recovery journey and make the process healthier. 

  • Lunges 

This is also another favorite for the women folks out there. One of the major advantages of this type of workout is that you can do it anywhere and do not need any particular property to get it done. The only thing you need for lunges is a pair of good workout shoes since working out without them may cause you injuries in the long run. 

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The Bottom Line

So, these are all the major workouts that you may follow to get a toned yet bulked-up body with consistent practice. Even while sticking to these workouts for bulking up, make sure you are also strict with your calorie-excess diet. It is also not a productive way to add synthetic and processed high-calorie foods to your diet to hit the healthy bulk of your dreams. 

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