Our Editorial Guidelines

At HelenaStudy, we uphold rigorous editorial standards to maintain reader trust and ensure our health product reviews provide credible, unbiased information Transparency

  • We disclose our research limitations, criteria used to evaluate products, and any changes made post-publication.
  • User questions are answered promptly and honestly. We welcome inquiries about our process, standards, or any review.
  • Our site discloses all writers, editors, and medical experts involved in creating content. Their credentials and qualifications are highlighted.
  • Any past instances of funding, gifts, or free samples accepted from brands are disclosed. We now operate fully independently.

Ethics & Honesty

  • Our reviews contain no hidden sponsored content or advertorials. Brand relationships have no influence on our conclusions.
  • We do not censor or alter negative facts about products. Our commitment is to providing complete information.
  • If new evidence emerges contradicting past reviews, we are quick to update existing content and notify readers.
  • Reviews always disclose safety concerns, side effects, limitations of claims, and potential downsides consumers should know.

Conflicts of Interest

  • Our writers receive no incentives tied to the conclusions drawn about any brand or product. Income is not influenced by ratings.
  • Gifts, free samples, paid sponsorships, affiliate commissions, or any other compensation from brands is prohibited and would constitute an immediate conflict of interest.
  • Writers adhere to strict separation between our work for HelenaStudy and any other professional activities or connections.
  • If any potential conflict of interest arises, we will immediately disclose this to readers and remedy the situation per our ethics policies.

Brand Review Submissions

We welcome submissions from brands seeking an objective third-party evaluation of their product(s). However, brand requests are processed through the same criteria and methodology as other reviews. Our conclusions will not necessarily reflect a company’s views of its own product. Submitted products or reports may inform, but do not determine our analysis.