Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy – All You Need To Know!

There are a couple of signs and symptoms that you can use to identify whether you are pregnant or not. However, the ultimate way to know your pregnancy test is by doing a urine examination. This should also be confirmed by an expert medical practitioner since pregnancy test kits can also go wrong sometimes.

In this article we will discuss some of the other signs and symptoms that you may use to analyze your body and suspect pregnancy even before doing the test, missing a period, and consulting a gynecologist. An explanation behind the appearance of such symptoms has also been mentioned.

What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

1. Tender Breasts

This can be seen as one of the prominent symptoms of pregnancy in the early stages. However, this would only get retained for a couple of weeks and gradually it will subside when the hormonal levels get balanced inside our body. Women in periods may also experience soreness and tenderness in their breasts, but that would only be during the time you bleed. But if you experience tender breasts not at a time when you are bleeding, it can possibly be an early sign of pregnancy.

2. Nausea

This is another early symptom of pregnancy. Ladies may experience morning sickness and this is also caused due to the hormonal imbalances that happen during the pregnancy. Some people may also experience morning sickness during other times of the day. There are also women who don’t experience this issue, even if they are pregnant.

3. Fatigue

This is one of the common signs your body may express during pregnancy. The increase in the level of progesterone hormone in your body is the main reason behind the same. Due to this, the individual may always feel sleepy and inactive.

Fatigue During Pregnancy

4. Frequent Urge To Urinate

This can also be used to identify the status of pregnancy in individuals. During the time of pregnancy, the body produces more blood and so the kidneys have to filter more blood. This causes a lot of urine to be flushed out from the body. Thus the individual may experience a frequent urge to urinate during this time.

5. Dislike Certain Food Odors

This is also an early sign expressed by women during their pregnancy. The major cause of this symptom can be again the hormonal imbalances occurring during this period. The individuals may also have a change in their taste for different types of food and their sensory experiences toward food may also change during this time, leading to this early symptom.

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6. Bloating

This is also a symptom shown by the body as an early sign of pregnancy. Since bloating is also common during the beginning of a menstrual cycle, there is a high chance for you to misunderstand this particular pregnancy symptom as a usual menstrual symptom. The reason behind bloating is also nothing but the imbalances caused by the levels of hormones.

7. Mood Swings

Just like during your period cycle, mood swings can also be expressed during the onset of pregnancy. This is again caused due to the hormonal changes happening in your body. You may feel extremely happy at times and sad at the very next moment.

8. Spotting

Instead of a regular menstrual cycle, you may experience light spotting during this period. This can also be considered an early sign of pregnancy and this type of spotting is known as implantation bleeding. Usually, it occurs after 10-14 after intercourse or fertilisation.

But it is also important to note that it is not a common symptom and it is not necessary for every woman to experience implantation bleeding during the time period mentioned. This happens when the egg that has been fertilized gets itself attached to the uterus lining.

These are some of the common signs of pregnancy that can be found in the early stage. However, you should also be aware that not all women experience these symptoms altogether and at the same intensity.

If you experience more than 2-3 symptoms at a time, it is highly likely for you to be pregnant. However, a strong suspicion can only be reached with a missed period. The suspicion can be confirmed after taking a urine examination followed by a checkup with a gynecologist. 

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