Do Hot Showers Increase Testosterone? Side Effects & Benefits!

When the hormones produced in your body are at the ideal and healthy levels, their benefits can be seen in the body itself. The role that each of these hormones plays in the health and overall function of the body goes without saying.

One such essential hormone, needed for both men and women, is testosterone, which helps in reproductive health, cardiac health, and in development of human behavior in people as they grow towards puberty. This hormone starts to get produced in the body when you are somewhere between your tween and teen years.

There can be a lot of factors that can help this online to get produced. The food diets that can influence testosterone production, the workouts that can have an impact on this, all such aspects, we have discussed all such detail earlier. 

People are concerned about whether their lifestyle habits can impact hormone production and what external factors can hike or suppress testosterone levels. One such most-heard question is “Do hot showers increase testosterone”? How does it happen? Let us see. 

Do Hot Showers Increase Testosterone?

Hot Showers And Testosterone

The answer is both yes and no. 

If you love taking hot showers it might be disheartening to read this. But let us look at the reason for saying no and how it happens. 

Hot Shower And Testosterone

  • The body absorbs the heat 

Studies have shown that regularly taking hot showers tends to decrease testosterone production in the body.

  • The body temperature increases 

 When you take a hot shower, the whole body will get wet in the hot water. Also, the parts of the male reproductive organ that are outside the body. 

  • How does it affect testosterone?

When the natural temperature of the scrotum increases, the natural temperature of the testes gland also increases. The primary testosterone source in male bodies is the testes gland. 

  • The side effects it might have

When the temperature of the testosterone increases it lowers the testosterone production and sperm count also decreases. 

  • Are there any benefits?

It does mean that you cannot take a hot shower at all. Those who take a hot shower once in a while have a temporary hike in testosterone. But it can negatively affect you when you do that every day. 

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Now let’s see what cold water can do to testosterone levels in the body. 

Do Cold Showers Increase Testosterone?

Yes, cold showers might help to increase the amount of testosterone that the body produces. When you take a cold shower it helps to lower the natural temperature of the scrotum. Also, it impacts the testes glands to lower the natural temperature to an ideal range for increased testosterone production. 

It does not mean that if you take cold showers every day, your testosterone levels will dramatically increase. The cold temperature that it makes can just be helpful for more testosterone to get produced. 

This topic is still being researched and for exact information to be provided on this, we will have to wait for more time. Let us hope that the researchers will soon be able to provide us with an answer. 

In men, another source that produces testosterone is the adrenal gland 

Studies on both what hot showers and cold showers can do for testosterone have been conducted on men. All these do not apply to women. In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries and also by the adrenal glands. 

To Take Away

Other than the food diet that you follow and the workouts that are a part of your life, there are other factors as well that can affect the level of testosterone that your body produces. As this is an important hormone for male health and a fall in it can cause health issues in men.

The hormone is essential for females as well but in this article, the effects that hot showers and cold showers can have on men have been discussed. The most asked question “Do hot showers increase testosterone?” have been answered. 

Remember that the key factor that can affect hormone production in the body is workouts. There are also medications that can help you. If you have a dangerous drop in testosterone levels, you should not be experimenting with hot and cold showers and should get medical help. 

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Q. Do ice baths raise testosterone?

A: Cold water therapy is one of the widely used therapies to increase testosterone levels naturally. Taking ice baths can lower the temperature to a level that is ideal for the prediction of more testosterone. 

Q. What season is testosterone highest?

A: The seasons that were the coldest showed a hike in testosterone levels. Winter is considered the season in which men will have naturally high testosterone and December is the month that has the peak hormone levels. 

Q. Does water increase testosterone?

A: Yes, water plays an important role in regulating the testosterone levels present in the body. The showers that you take play a role in adjusting the external temperature and drinking water helps to keep the body hydrated and maintain hormonal balance. 

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