Do Cold Showers Increase Growth Hormone? Is There Any Connection?

While most articles online explain the many benefits of cold showers, their contribution to growth hormone is just something most people cannot place a finger on. Some studies show that cold showers can help you grow, but there’s limited data to back it up. Yet, there are many factors that, when combined with cold showers, can help boost growth hormones. Read on to find out.

Cold Showers And Growth Hormone

Cold Showers Increase Growth Hormone

Cold showers occur when people immerse themselves in water temperatures under 75°F as a therapy or to enhance health conditions. On the other hand, the pituitary gland in humans produces the hormone known as growth hormone, also known as human growth hormone (HGH) and somatotropin, to promote growth in children and adolescents. This growth includes every tissue and bone in humans.

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How Cold Showers Can Increase Growth?

Hormonal Response

When you spend a more prolonged period in cold water, it will first feel chilly, and you’ll enjoy the experience. However, with time, you’ll start feeling discomfort, and if care is not taken, you might lose your life.

This is when your body identifies danger and informs your norepinephrine to withstand or escape the cold. Your cortisol is also notified of the stress your body is experiencing, which can also stimulate the HGH made by the pituitary gland that will help you grow.

However, studies have been made to check if cold showers can increase growth hormones.

  • There was a positive effect on HGH of people who stayed up to a minute or swum in cold water the journal PLoS One study.
  • It wasn’t the same result for everyone who engaged in the process.
  • As a result, it’s not very reliable to agree that cold showers can make everyone tall. Therefore, more research is needed to back it up.

Individual Differences

Some factors make us different from others, including age, sex, body composition, and overall health. These factors can also determine the outcome of cold showers on growth hormones. For instance, most girls stop growing by 16, and boys stop growing by 18.

However, there are cases where they might still grow in their early 20s, but there is no evidence of growth in the mid-20s. Therefore, using cold showers beyond the appropriate growth phases is unlikely to yield positive results.

Another example is individuals with heart and lung conditions who want to use cold showers to grow taller. It’s not advisable for them because it will adversely affect their health instead of increasing their growth hormone. It can result in arrhythmia.

Sleep Quality

You might wonder what sleep has to do with this. Studies show that people who sleep more than 7 hours per night tend to grow taller. The good thing is that cold showers can help you sleep better, which will also help to increase your growth hormone. Before bed, take a cold shower on hot days; it will cool down your nerves and make you sleep like a baby.


Exercise has proven to be very effective in boosting the growth hormone. These exercises include resistance exercise and aerobic training. When you combine cold showers and exercise, expect a high HGH level.

Cold showers have regenerative properties and ensure quick muscle recovery. Your joints will be healthy, so you won’t feel sore during training. The cooling effects revive and make you relax after a competition. Therefore, the more you use cold showers, the more it will boost your exercise and HGH levels.


Eating the right food can also boost growth hormones. These foods include enough proteins, healthy fats, and vital nutrients like eggs, milk, beans, arginine, lysine, fish, chicken, beef, watermelon, pumpkin seeds, mustard seeds, tomatoes, nuts, grapes, etc. When you combine these foods with cold showers at the right time, expect a higher HGH level.

Stress Management

Research shows that stress-relieving techniques like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, etc. can help boost growth hormones. They all help to relax the mind, and when you combine them with cold showers, know that you’re on the right path. You’ll enjoy a calmer state that will quicken the hormone growth process.

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While more evidence is still needed to prove that cold showers can increase growth hormones, there have been cases where they are effective. Moreover, when combined with other factors that boost hormones, it is highly effective.

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