Dangers Of Premarital Sex – What Are The Bad Effects Of Premarital Sex?

Are you someone who is too apprehensive about the dangers of premarital sex? Though you may have your own reasons, a majority of Americans think the other way around.

A survey conducted among people in the United States in 2022 reveals that nearly 69 percent of the respondents believed premarital sex to be morally acceptable. It was just a mere 28 percent that believed it to be morally wrong. Though premarital sex comes with its own benefits, the drawbacks are also quite high. 

Top 7 Dangers Of Premarital Sex

Let’s quickly delve deep into the 7 common dangers experienced by people indulging in premarital sex. 

1. Unwanted Pregnancy

Starting from pills to condoms, there are different types of contraceptives available in the market. However, none of them are 100% safe. Many a time premarital sex ends up in the female becoming pregnant and the partners eventually go for abortion. It happens that the relationship between the two gets spoiled and sometimes the female partners even ends their life. Thus, the risk of unwanted pregnancy is one of the major drawbacks of premarital sex.

Unwanted Pregnancy

2. Lack Of Interest

Premarital sex comes with the freedom of exploring various sexual desires and trying out different sex positions. After having sex, it happens that the male or even female tends to lose interest in their partner. Also, a feeling creeps in that there is nothing left to explore after marriage. Thus, in the long term, it ultimately leads to issues in the relationship.  

3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

When it comes to premarital sex, there are chances that one of them may have multiple partners. In such cases, the chances of catching STI (sexually transmitted infections) are very high. Moreover, STIs including herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea can increase the risk of HIV infection. Though condoms are generally believed to be highly effective, the Word Health Organization (WHO) says that they do not offer protection against STIs that cause extra-genital ulcers such as syphilis or genital herpes.

4. The Guilt Feeling

Having premarital sex is still considered a taboo in many conservative societies. Due to this reason, some people regret having sex with someone before the wedding. The guilt feeling adversely affects their marital relationship in the future, especially in scenarios where the male or female gets married to a person other than the partner with whom they had premarital sex.

5. Depression

In a survey conducted at the University of Maiduguri, 68% of the respondents opined that engaging in premarital sex may lead to depression. This factor is more relevant in cases where a breakup occurs between the partners. When a person is physically intimate with his/her partner, it becomes quite difficult to get over that relationship. Thus, it badly affects the mental health of partners ultimately leading to issues such as depression.

6. Higher Chances Of Breakup

In some cases, premarital sex may happen between the couple who are in an emotional relationship. After having sexual encounters several times, one of the partners may lose interest in the relationship. Some of the youngsters also get into a relationship just to go through the experience of sexual intercourse. In both cases, it finally ends up in a breakup. 

7. Affects Other Relationships

Even today, many societies do not accept premarital relationships. Thus, while going to meet their partner, the boy and the girl lie to their family members. Sometimes they even get caught red-handed while having premarital sex. Once close family members such as their father, mother, and siblings come to know about their premarital sexual encounters, it becomes tough for the partners to deal with such scenarios. Especially in conservative societies, the image of both partners gets tarnished. Thus, premarital sex comes with the danger of other relationships getting adversely affected.

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Hope the above article provides valuable insights about the dangers of premarital sex.  Be it male or female, it is their personal choice whether to go for premarital sex or not. The advocates of premarital sex cite factors such as experiencing sex, sexual compatibility, and reduced stress levels as the major advantages of premarital sex. However, the drawbacks discussed in the earlier section no doubt far outweigh its benefits.

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