Understanding The Causes Of Facial Palsy – What Causes Sudden Facial Palsy?

Facial Palsy is one of the most bothersome medical conditions that happen due to a range of different reasons. It is a situation where the affected individual would not be able to move the muscles of the face. This can happen to the facial muscles on one side of the face or both sides. Once affected by this condition, the facial structure and shape of the individual get distorted and it even affects the individuality of the person.

This can be highly embarrassing and the inability may cause severe discomfort in individuals. It may also affect a lot of daily activities of the patient including eating, speaking, drinking, and even the basic ease with your body.

In this article, you will get a comprehensive idea of the major causes of facial palsy, if you are not very aware of the same. There are a lot of affected people and their relatives who are still unknown about the reasons behind such a situation. If you are one among them, you will benefit from this article. This would also help you understand the causes in general and be aware of the situation. 

What Are The Reasons For Facial Palsy?

Even if there are a wide variety of reasons for facial palsy, some of the major ones include traumas, inflammation, stroke, and tumours. Traumas primarily include those that affect the head and the sensitive regions inside it. If the individual has undergone a head trauma, the chances of getting affected with facial palsy can be quite high. It is the nerve damage caused at the time of the trauma, that leads the patient to the paralysis of facial muscles.

Reasons For Facial Palsy

According to the intensity of the trauma, or the nerve damage, the paralysis may last longer, shorter, or sometimes even permanently. Tumours may also be a significant cause of facial palsy. According to the growth and spread of the tumour in the facial region, it may affect the nerves there and thus result in facial paralysis.

In such conditions, the facial palsy may begin at just one side of the face but as per the growth of the tumor, the palsy can also get affected to the other side.

The condition can be cured if the tumor gets removed effectively through clinical and surgical treatments by experts. Early diagnosis of a tumor and its treatment can also prevent the intensity of the paralysis that may happen as a part of it. 

Stroke is one of the most common causes of facial paralysis. Most of the stroke-affected patients also struggle with the condition of facial paralysis. Inflammation is another reason why facial paralysis is detected in individuals.

It is also important to note that some people are also born with such a defect. Their facial muscles lack the ability to move at the time of the birth itself. This can be genetic and their nerves are likely to show an inability in the detailed analysis itself. In most cases, the facial nerves of individuals who are born with a condition of facial palsy can be seen swollen which restricts the transmission of signals to and from the brain. 

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Nerve damage or the inflammation caused by the nerves cannot be the sole reason for the paralysis of facial muscles in individuals. Sometimes, paralysis can also occur due to damage in the region of the brain where the facial nerves and connected.

Apart from all these severe causes of facial palsy, there are also some seemingly minor reasons that lead to a severe condition just as paralysis of the facial muscles. Infection caused in the middle ear is one among them.

Even if it can be cured, this may cause great tension and stress in the affected individual and the one around them. Hence, it is important to note that, even if the patient has not been subject to severe conditions like trauma, tumours, or even stroke, just an infection caused in the middle ear can also lead to such a situation. Bell’s Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, facial nerve Schwannoma, Lyme Disease, Sarcoidosis, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, and Guillain-Barre Syndrome are some of the other diseases on the list that stand as causes of the paralysis of facial muscles otherwise termed as facial palsy. 

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