Common Cause Of Summertime Rashes And How To Tackle Them

Summer the time of sunshine benefits several people and is one of the seasons with less distress caused. Yet uninvited guests like rashes due to the heat a common problem faced by numerous individuals. These are caused occasionally and let’s take a look at the culprits behind the rashes and their variants in this detailed article.

Understanding Common Summer Skin Issues

Common Cause of  Rashes

  1. Heat Rash

First and foremost the most common rash it causes is heat rash due to heat. When the body is trying hard to cope with the heat. In detail, the sweat gets trapped in the sweat ducts causing red bumps discomfort, and itchy rashes.

  1. Sunburn

Sunshine is essential for everyone but not excessive sunshine. Staying overtime under the sun in the peak hours, especially in high temperatures might cause sunburn. These makes the area of skin red and a bit swollen in cases. It’s painful and itchy.

  1. Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac

Well, our diverse world can also be a burden with its complexities. Plants like Poison ivy, Oak, Sumac, and much more cause rashes in the skin. A slight touch or contact might be enough for it to affect you with these skin problems.

  1. Insect Bites

Whether it’s their defense mechanism or their routine insects like mosquitos, critters, and other creatures bite and turn skin itchy and rashes on the skin. These can be visible as red and swollen.

  1. Swimmers itch

These are often experienced by people who spend time in water for swimming and stuff regardless of lake, pond or pool. This is caused due to the parasites within water settling in your skin with red itchy bumps.

  1. Chafing

This is distress caused between the legs on a hot day you realize what chafing is. Moisture friction accompanied by heat combines to cause the issue turning the affected area red and irritating.

  1. Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a tiny rebellion of the sweat glands. The sweat ducts are responsible for sweating and the obstruction of these ducts blocks the sweat making it unable to escape. This contributes to tiny red bumps and prickly sensations. Understand this is a sign for you to cool your body.

  1. Allergic reactions

The summer introduces several new changes in the environment and in our society with new products and foods likely meant for summer. The new stuff is not welcomed by the skin in some cases due to its lack of adaptation. Allergies occur because of this causing discomfort.

  1. Viral infections

Each season the change in our world brings new challenges to overcome and viral disease is one among them. The red spots of skin-negative changes and infections are pieces of evidence of these viral, fungal, or bacterial infections.

  1. Jellyfish stings

Not common but common when it comes to people who spend time on the beach or ocean as a leisure or part of their work are vulnerable to jellyfish stings. This would look like electric shock patterns in red marks. Make sure you don’t invade such spaces or areas in the sea or ocean.

  1. Excessive Sweating

Aside from sweats getting trapped, excessive sweating could also lead to skin issues mainly rashes in summer. In detail, excess sweating without proper hydration is the one in play to causes it. Make sure to be careful with it if you exercise and work out daily.

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Tips To Tackle Summertime Rashes

  • Stay hydrated for the body to flush out toxins and regulate the temperature.
  • Wear comfortable or breathable fabrics to reduce and prevent chaffing.
  • Use an insect repellant to get rid of skin rash-causing pests.
  • After a brief time outdoors, have a shower to clean your body and remove irritants.
  • It’s advised to protect your skin in the sun using a sunscreen cream to avoid UV rays and sunburns in the summer.


In summary, regardless of the seasons new challenges arise and cause uninvited issues. Summer is no different with rashes caused as a common issue. These could be caused by several reasons or factors. Make sure to watch out for such cautions and ensure to take good care of your body. Healthy skin is a reflection of hygiene and the right approach. Do consider what’s mentioned in the article to keep you safe and rashes-free in the summer.

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