Can Caffeine Increase Metabolism And Aid In Fat Burning?

All coffee lovers out there have been waiting for the answer to this question “Can caffeine boost metabolism?” Well, how can this not happen as above 85% of the American population loves taking at least one caffeine drink a day? The global citizens who have made caffeine an integral part of their lives are more than this. 

Can Caffeine Boost Metabolism?

Taking in caffeine in unhealthy ways can make you addicted to it, even though, if you take in it in healthy amounts can it really help you to burn fat? If yes, that is going to be a win-win condition. Let us see what caffeine is capable of doing to you and your body fat.

Can Caffeine Boost Metabolism

The brown coffee beans and their aroma have spread around the world centuries ago and the number of people who can not live without a minimum of one caffeine drink per day in their lives is very few.

The drink gives an energy boost and helps to elevate the mood, especially when you are stressed in the middle of a work day or when you are super tired of reaching home after a long day. 

If you have been wondering if this can have a role in the pounds that you carry around, yes it can. Drinking caffeine can have a direct impact on the number of fat cells in the body. When the caffeine reaches inside your body, it directly signals the cells that carry the fat to break down the fat and use this to boost the energy in the body

Caffeine when it gets inside your body acts to increase the amount of adrenaline present. Adrenaline, a hormone that supports the body to work against its fat deposits, helps in fastening the process of fat cell breakdown. 

How Can Caffeine Boost Metabolism?

Metabolism can be simply defined as the chemical reactions in the body that convert the food stores to the energy needed for various functions in the body. When metabolism increases, it means that the presence of the fat stores in the body is decreasing. 

Caffeine helps in this as it initiates the movements of fat from the fat tissues and drives them to get broken down and transform as energy. 

This is actually done by the activating effects that caffeine can have on your brain. When you take caffeine, it actually stimulates the brain, and the brain ends up signaling the fat cells to break down and make more energy. 

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When caffeine increases the rate of metabolism, the calories that you have already taken in get burned down, without you having to move or do anything else. 

However, the long-term effects that caffeine can have on fat-burning are still being explored. As of now, there are two chances, when you have been taking caffeine for a long time, the body might turn tolerant to the effects of caffeine and the fat burn might stop working. However, you should be careful to not get addicted to caffeine. 

Some studies have shown that even when caffeine stops burning fat, it helps to control appetite, that is the calories that you take in will be controlled by it, preventing you from gaining extra fat. This specific study applies only to men 

The Bottom Line 

You should not be surprised to find out that caffeine is added to many weight loss supplements, in generous quantities due to the effects that it can have on your weight and metabolism. In short, “yes” can be said as the answer to “can caffeine boost metabolism?” However, the long-term effects are still being studied. Stay tuned to us for further information on this. 


1. How many calories does caffeine burn?

It was found out in studies that, 100 milligrams of caffeine when taken sensibly can burn an extra 75 – 150 calories in humans as it gives a boost to the metabolism

2. Does quitting caffeine slow down metabolism?

Quitting caffeine might slow down the rate of metabolism in the body. That happens only when you have been taking caffeine on a daily basis for a few years or some months. If you take caffeine only from time to time, then quitting can not have a much greater impact on you.

3. Does caffeine affect belly fat?

Yes. caffeine might affect your belly fat. Consuming caffeine in proven ways and quantities can help you to shed belly fat. However, when taken in sensibly it can add to your belly fat.

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