Best Shoulder Exercises At Home For Teens: No Gym Required!

You are a teen and looking for ways to get your overall body buffed up, like models and bodybuilders in those TV shows and YouTube channels. Trust me, it takes years of workouts, diet, and patience to get that physique.

Anyway, you are at the right age and time to get your physique well-shaped, as during the teenage years, more growth hormones are released in the body, which are essential for muscle growth.

Now, let’s talk about your shoulders; these are the most dominant-looking muscles that make you look much broader. Shoulders can be grown at home when you are a beginner, and with the right exercises and the right form, you will get to the result gradually.

Best Exercises For Teens To Grow Their Shoulders At Home

When it comes to growing your shoulders at home as a teenager, there are tons of things you need to consider during your workouts. Remember, intense workouts go in vain without a proper diet and rest.

Best Shoulder Exercises At Home For Teens

Shoulders are a group of muscles that consist of three heads, which are the anterior deltoids, lateral deltoids, and posterior deltoids. Training all three muscles will make your shoulders grow bigger. Here are some of the most important exercises for your shoulders for your home workouts:

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? Push-Ups

Everybody knows that push-ups target your overall upper body and help you grow your chest, shoulders, and arms. Push-ups are the basics of all the workouts in the world. Start doing push-ups with the right form and with high repetitions. Increase your push-ups gradually to test your strength. Push-ups will target your whole shoulder muscle group equally if done with the right form.

? Shoulder Presses

Shoulder presses are one of the rigorous exercises that help grow shoulders. These exercises are done with dumbbells. Put them straight over your head and do the up and down motion with the correct form to get the most out of them. Remember, if you get pain in your shoulders while doing the exercise, stop, lower the weight, and start practicing with the right form.

? Lateral Raises

Lateral raises are also done with dumbbells, and you can do this exercise with a lower weight with higher repetitions. For this exercise, pick the dumbbells in both hands, lift them sideways, and start doing bird-like movements. Remember to do the exercise in the correct form, as shoulder injuries are quite common without the right assistance in workouts. Lateral raises will solely target your side delts and make you look wider.

? Front Raises

Front raises are done similarly to lateral raises but with dumbbells in front of your face. To do front raises, lift the dumbbells in both hands and start raising them in front of your face. Do it slowly with the correct form, and feel your front delts above your chest while doing the exercise.

? Bent-Over Rows

Bent-over rows are a great type of exercise to grow your rear deltoids. To do bent-over rows, pick the dumbbells, bend in front a little, and do bird-flapping-like movements slowly with the dumbbells flaring out. This exercise is a little advanced, so take help from an elder or watch tutorial videos to avoid injuries.

? Planks

Planks are a great way to increase your balancing strength and build a stronger core. Planks are effective in growing your shoulders, as your shoulders are completely involved while doing planks. Try to do planks for longer periods of time and do more repetitions to get the most out of it.

? Pike Push-Ups

Pike push-ups are also like push-ups, but with a decreased distance between your hands and legs. To do pike push-ups, take the push-up stance and bring your hands closer to your legs as much as possible. This exercise targets your overall shoulder muscles and will help your balance muscles grow stronger as well.

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All these exercises are quite effective in growing your shoulders if done in the correct form and with the proper diet. Remember to take your diet seriously to see results faster. Doing these exercises will put a lot of stress on your shoulders, and to remove the chances of getting injured, always do a little warm-up session before your workouts.

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