Best Foods That Prevent Stroke: Make Changes To Your Diet

People undergoing stroke and those who are having an elevated risk of stroke are increasing day by day. The life losses due to this disease can also not be neglected.

However, according to recent studies, it has been found that 80% of strokes can be prevented. To prevent the same, food and nutrition play a major role. Slow and steady changes in your diet can bring major differences in the risk of having a stroke in your lifetime.

Even if you are someone who has survived your first stroke, following these dietary patterns can help you by reducing the chances of a second one.

The most fortunate part about these dietary changes is that you do not need to bring an overnight and stubborn change, that may take all the pleasure of eating from your life.

In this article, you will learn about foods that can help you prevent stroke in this manner.

Foods That May Help Prevent Stroke

  1. Beetroots 

Beetroots have a significant role in reducing the risk of having a stroke in your lifetime. Apart from beetroots, you can also add fruits and veggies having red and purple color.

Top Foods to Prevent Stroke

These food items have the potential to reduce the blood pressure in an individual. Since people with hypertension or increased blood pressure are more prone to having a stroke, this will effectively reduce the stroke risks.

If you are consuming it in the form of juice, 8 ounces per day is the prescribed dosage for the same. This dosage has been found as the most effective one to reduce the systolic blood pressure in individuals.

The presence of nitrates in beetroots is also beneficial in dilating blood vessels and thereby promoting healthy blood circulation.

The anti-inflammatory properties of beetroot and its high fiber content are also quite beneficial to serve the purpose.  

  1. Cinnamon 

This is another magical ingredient you may add to your daily diet to reduce the risks of a stroke. Unlike other veggies and fruits, this is quite easy to be consumed since it is a spice.

You can consume it in a lot of different ways so that you will not find it difficult to make cinnamon a part of your daily life.

The major working mechanism of cinnamon is again by reducing the blood pressure in individuals.

Apart from that, it may also reduce blood sugar levels in individuals, and reduce bad cholesterol and inflammation, all of which are causes of stroke. 

  1. Oatmeal 

Since oatmeal is one of the favorite breakfast and dinner options for most of us, including this as a part of your daily diet is also not a big deal.

Moreover, if made with the best recipes, this can also be exceptionally delicious. When heated and cooled down, the oatmeal starts to ferment generating a type of beneficial bacteria for the gut.

This bacteria helps the excretion of bad cholesterol from the body by binding to it. Thus, it reduces the risk of stroke and also promotes gut health. 

  1. Wholegrains 

Wholegrains are also said to be an excellent food item that can be included in your daily diet to reduce the chances of stroke in a lifetime.

A lot of stroke survivors have testified to the effect of having wholegrains as a part of their diet and thereby preventing the second stroke, which had been predicted by the doctors.

The best way to consume whole grains is as your daily breakfast cereal along with milk.

However, scientists are still in the research to find out the scientific reasons behind the beneficial effect of wholegrains in reducing the risk of strokes. 

  1. Dairy and poultry

Since dairy and poultry are rich in protein content, these food items can also reduce the risks of stroke possessed by an individual.

However, while having eggs, make sure to use the egg white only, since the yolk may increase your cholesterol levels, which can negatively affect your efforts to prevent the risks of strokes.

Apart from these food items, you may also consume seafood such as salmons, tuna, and sardines, since they are also high in protein.

If you are someone who belongs to the vegan club, you may try tofu, peas, and other vegan protein sources.

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Wrap Up

So, these are the major foods on the list that are powerful enough to fight against the stroke issue that might become a serious health concern for you in the near or farther future. It is also important not to change your lifestyle overnight. It is always recommended to start with one single addition or habit and slowly build it up.

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