Benefits Of Dopamine Detox: Reboot Your Brain For A Happier Life

When a person feels happy or experiences some kind of arousal from an activity or a visual, their brain releases the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is a resulting hormone that is released by the brain’s rewarding system, meaning that when the brain detects something happening with the body and tries to reward it with “happy hormones,”

There are many reasons in our daily lives that start dopamine release in our body due to natural causes, such as talking to someone, getting compliments, and eating sweets or chocolates.

Sometimes, there can be more dopamine released in our body than the body can handle, and it might result in over-enjoyment for the time being. That is temporary, and after some time, it can cause mood swings, disappointment, etc.

The Symptoms Of Dopamine Overdose

Benefits Of Dopamine Detox

High levels of Dopamine might be more common than you think; it might have happened to you without you noticing. There are several signs that reveal the symptoms of Dopamine overdose; some of them are:

  • Excessive energy bursts: When a person feels highly energetic and feels a rush to do something, it might be a sign of dopamine overdose.
  • Mood swings: When something is not happening according to plan and it makes you irritated out of your mind, it’s also a symptom of dopamine overdose.
  • Disappointment: Disappointment after a certain activity might be a sign.
  • Aggression: hyperaggression might be the aftermath of a dopamine overdose.

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What Is Dopamine Detox?

Dr. Cameron Sepah introduced the dopamine detox method in order to treat some unhelpful habits like excessive social media use, regular alcohol consumption, and porn. Dopamine detox is not a scientifically proven method; it is more like a trend that modern-day influencers follow.

Dopamine detox is a way of prohibiting the use of any form of activity that can result in arousal for a matter of hours or days.

How To Do Dopamine Detox?

When you try to start a session of dopamine detox, whether it is for an hour, a day, or a week, you need to consider some things beforehand, such as:

  • Knowing the addiction you want to stop
  • Prepare the mindset to stay on the detox for the selected time period.
  • Stay away from all the stimuli, such as social media, porn, games, etc.
  • See yourself after the detox and compare the difference from before.

Some Activities To Do During The Detox

It is obvious that restraining yourself from all the daily activities that give you a little dopamine on the go will have some adverse effects. Some activities that might help with the process of detoxing that were advised by Dr. Sepah himself are:

  • Journaling daily tasks accomplished: Noting down all the tasks you’ve accomplished throughout the day might give you some real satisfaction.
  • Taking naps: Taking naps during the day might keep your mind from getting bored during detox.
  • Regular exercise: exercise is beneficial in every way possible.

Benefits Of Dopamine Detox

Some might say that they felt a difference in their behavior after the detox, as it improved. Some have no opinion at all, as they didn’t feel any difference at all. Those so-called benefits are:

  • Improved appetite
  • Getting rid of behavioral issues
  • Improvement in mood swings
  • Better digestion

Side Effects Of Dopamine Detox

For some people, dopamine detox might be beneficial, as there are many reasons behind the workings of the process; one of them might be a placebo. The majority of people have either not seen any improvement or have suffered some extra side effects after or during the detox.

Many of the attempters suffered from headaches and an extreme lack of motivation and got irritated halfway through.


Dopamine detox is not a scientifically proven method, but it might affect some individuals in a positive manner. Full dopamine detox is impossible as it is a naturally occurring hormone and is released from the smallest of arousals, such as massage, getting compliments, looking good in the mirror, etc. There are many theories about dopamine detox, but not all of them are completely true.

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