Adolescent Sexuality: Navigating The Complex World Of Youth And Sex

We all have come through adolescence in our lives; during these phases, we discover more about the world as well as about ourselves. Life is a maze of events, and during these times we question several things around the world and our environment.

For a very long time, we were limited to very few sexual choices. These just don’t come out as choices but as a challenge to many. Let’s look at a brief overview of the struggles faced while exploring sexualities.

What Are The Struggles?

Sexuality is the way teenagers feel and express themselves sexually. This process includes feelings, behaviors, and thoughts accompanied by relationships related to intercourse and intimacy. The changes in hormones and puberty are substantial factors in determining one’s sexuality. The body goes through several changes, and its environment evokes curiosity regarding sex and attraction to different categories of people.

During this phase, they experience an array of emotions from the adolescent period, including love, infatuation, and confusion within themselves. The hormones are behind this and help them shape their perspective on sexualities.

Teenagers Disagreements With Their Parents

Teenagers are highly influenced these days by traditional and social media; their peers are also a part of this, as some used to adjust in order to feel comfortable and fit in with a group of people. They are being pressured to be a part of the social constructs of relationships.

Due to the reasons mentioned, it is important to educate them about sexualities, providing accurate information backed up by science and studies.

Learning about consent would also help teens make the necessary choices. When it comes to relationships, consent is a substantial matter to avoid STIs and unintended pregnancies. The term consent and its education help them in order to be responsible individuals within relationships.

Another huge challenge faced by teenagers is disagreements with their parents. Parental support could turn out to be a pillar of these young people’s mental health and well-being.

An open conversation helps them find proper guidance, including understanding the expectations of their parents and their values. These people are victims of shaming and stigmatization regarding their orientation. These comments and discrimination could put them in a worse mental state.

Being strong and receiving a good amount of support is the way to treat them better. The bad treatment they receive is mainly initiated by the online and digital platforms, as they could be exposed to information of an explicit nature. Online and digital safety have also been a concern for these young people.

What Needs To Be Done?

The people in charge and the authorities should take action to support and empower these people, like helping them get effective professional guidance, as these people stepping into the workforce have gone through experiences of gender dysphoria or sexual trauma, it’s the duty of trained professionals to heal and guide them through their journey.

Constructing solid self-esteem and worth is a lifeline to making healthy decisions. Along with this, spreading legal education is also essential, as the legal age over consent should always be remembered by the individual, and being below a specific age is prone to serious consequences.

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In conclusion, the confusion or struggles faced by adolescents when it comes to sexuality are real. In a world where biological, chemical, and regular science have been substantial tools used against these kids by people and groups, everyone has forgotten that they are humans as well as that they deserve better things. They have a heart and a strong individual right to make decisions for themselves.

Understanding these could help each other find mutual ground and respect. The support and education would help them establish meaningful relationships in the future.

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