Feeling Low And Unmotivated? 7 Healthy Practices To Overcome This Feeling

Do you go through episodes of feeling low and unmotivated towards your life and work? You are not alone. These feelings of being alone, not wanting to do anything, or not caring for what happens next, can lead to depression and later anxiety. Depression alone is a big deal and overcoming this difficult phase is not easy.

According to the National Institute Of Mental Health, a 2020 study of US adults have experienced episodes of depression in their life. So to save yourself from these episodes of mental illness, we have come up with healthy practices and strategies to cope with the feeling of indolent.

Healthy Practices To Stop Being Unmotivated

There is no cause or reason for feeling unmotivated towards life or work. People could be having the best of their life and still feel this way. But that does not mean that you have to continue with this phase. Do you want to take a break from your life? Go ahead and take it.

Mental health tips

There is nothing wrong with putting your desires in front of your responsibilities. Until your head is clear from this fog of dull and meaningless feeling, you are no good at work. Here are some practices that you can try to give a purpose to your mundane life.

1. Do Not Set Perfect Goals

Nobody’s life is perfect, so how can the goals that you have set should be perfect? The goal that you set for yourself should be realistic and manageable. If you cannot enjoy the path that you are on, then you surely won’t enjoy the destination you reach. Keep smaller targets and celebrate after crossing each milestone. 

2. Positive Outlook Towards Life

Life is always uncertain, and when you start thinking good about yourself, you tend to attract good things in your life too. Your life does not have to be a large size, but the one you enjoy. Try to live in a positive environment surrounded by like-minded people. Friends with positive feelings towards you and life will help you to feel good about yourself and motivate you to grow.

3. Accept Failure And Work On Your Strengths

Having self-doubts is the worst that you can do to yourself. Make peace with your failures and try to see that as a lesson rather than overthinking. The more you think about your failures the more hatred and negative feelings about yourself.

Instead, focus on your strengths and think how you can excel in them. This will to stay strong and not give up on your path and will pave the way to a happy and peaceful life.

4. Celebrate Your Achievements

Partying with your loved ones has always been a good way to pass the time. But when you have an achievement to celebrate, the happiness folds ten times. Rewarding yourself for the good work you put in will give you immense happiness and a reason to set the bar higher for your goals. This is not applicable to just professional goals but also to personal goals. 

5. Avoid Distractions

Distraction in today’s world is social media platforms with a wide range of entertainment and innovative stories. Sure spending 10 minutes of your time can refresh your mind from a hectic routine, but more than that will make you lazy.

Once you are in the world of distraction, it can be hard to come back and focus on your tasks. So try to keep yourself on time with social media, games, or any other distractions.

6. Keep Your Body Fit

Your body and mind are the only things that can take you to your goals. So make sure that your needs are met with proper exercise, food, and sleep. Stay active with regular walks, workouts, or yoga. Eat fruit and vegetables to build your metabolism and have an energized day. And, most importantly do not work yourself after the official hours. 

7. Work What You Enjoy

People tend to forget that the work they are doing is for the purpose of using and growing their knowledge. But recently, money has become the driving factor for working. High-paying jobs are more and more available which instills the feeling of being unmotivated because they are not enjoying the job. On the other hand, when you enjoy what you do, you are likely to be happy at the end of the day. 

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After reading this article, it’s clear that feeling low and unmotivated is common, but you can overcome it. By setting realistic goals, maintaining a positive outlook, accepting failure, celebrating achievements, avoiding distractions, staying physically fit, and pursuing enjoyable work, you can find motivation and purpose in life. You’re not alone in this journey, and these practices can help you lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

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