3 Best Metabolism Booster Supplements For Weight Loss 2023- Top List!

Metabolism is one of the most important processes that take place in our body. By definition. It is the process by which the food we take in gets broken down into the energy that is needed for the body. While it seems to be very simple when put into words, the actual process of metabolism consists of different complicated chemical reactions and involves different organs in the body.

After getting to know the whole idea behind the different metabolic processes in the body, you will understand that it is closely linked to the process of maintaining a healthy weight of the body too. So how does a function that provides energy to the body can be linked to the process of maintaining weight, you might wonder. Here is how these two functions are interconnected. 

It is actually the rate of metabolic activities that determines or affects the weight of your body. So, if your metabolic process is carried out in an effective manner, this means that the food which you take in, which is the calories, is burned or broken down in the body effectively.

As a result, no accumulation of any food contents is formed in the body. On the contrary, if the metabolic activities are not effective enough, this means that the calories are not broken down into energy and chances are high that these calories get deposited in your body in the form of fat, which in turn increases your weight. 

Summing it up, effective metabolism assists you in keeping your right in check while a slower metabolic rate has the potential to increase your body weight. 

3 Scientifically Proven Supplements To Aid Weight Loss – Do Metabolism Boosters Work?

If you are someone who is struggling to keep your weight in check and have no result even after following different techniques, then chances are high that the issue might be related to the rate of metabolic activities in your body. But there is nothing to worry about as there are different ways to solve the issue related to the rates of metabolic activities in your body.

One of the most followed ways is to choose a dietary supplement from the market that will help you boost the rate of your metabolic activities. So, here we will be talking about three of the best metabolism booster supplements that will help you to lose weight in an effective manner. 

3 Weight Loss Supplements

All three dietary supplements that we introduced here are made using some of the best clinically proven ingredients that have positive effects on your metabolic activities. There are also different reports available online that back the efficiency of these supplements and their effects in improving the metabolic rate.

They are proven to help you reduce your weight and at the same time, to bring about a few other benefits on the body too. So, if you are looking for a dietary supplement that can help you to bring down your weight by improving your metabolic rate, make sure you read through this as all the major aspects of these 3 best metabolism booster supplements in the market today will be discussed in detail in the following sections.   

3 Best Metabolism Booster Supplements For Weight Loss:

  • PhenQ
  • Instant Knockout
  • PrimeShred

1. PhenQ

PhenQ is one of the most popular dietary supplements that help to manage your body weight by targeting and acting on 5 key areas of metabolic health. Even though the supplement is relatively new to the market, it has gained huge popularity through its highly effective formula.


The PhenQ weight loss supplement is also backed by different scientific data from different researchers and is made by following all the rules, regulations, and standards that are expected from a dietary supplement manufacturer. Along with reducing the unhealthy fat deposition in the body, PhenQ is also effective in reducing unwanted food carvings, boosting energy, and also in balancing your mood too.

A standard bottle of PhenQ comes with 60 capsules and is enough supply for you to last 30 days. There is enough scientific data to back the effects of the ingredients used in PhenQ fat burner to support the claims made in terms of the effectiveness of the supplement.                       

PhenQ Ingredients

The ingredients used in PhenQ are some of the best ones that have a positive impact on your metabolic rate. The different PhenQ ingredients include;

α-Lacys ResetIt is one of the most important ingredients used in PhenQ and is a patented ingredient that is used in PhenQ. Looking into the ingredients, it is a combination of other ingredients such as alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, and cysteine. These ingredients work together to boost the metabolic rate of your body and thereby burn excess fat. 
Capsimax PowderThe Capsaicinoids present in the ingredient are very effective in reducing body weight by improving the thermogenic abilities of the body and thereby increasing the fat-burning process. The effect of the ingredients is also scientifically backed. 
Chromium PicolinateIt is one of the most common forms of chromium found in almost all dietary supplements. It has the ability to limit the body from having unwanted carvings for food and sugar thereby limiting the intake of calories to an extent. 
CaffeineCaffeine has different abilities like increasing the reaction time and focus and also increasing the thermogenesis which ultimately helps to reduce weight by turning the fat deposits into energy. 
Nopal CactusIt is an ingredient that is naturally high in fiber and helps you to feel full with less food. The PhenQ ingredients are also said to be effective in reducing excess fat from the body and removing it through a normal digestion process. 
L-Carnitine FumarateOur body obtains this ingredient naturally through nuts, green vegetables, and red meat. They help in trying excess fat into energy and also in fighting tiredness and mental exhaustion too. 
InnoslimThis is another patented ingredient used in PhenQ. It is actually a mix of ginseng and astragalus and their joint effect has a huge impact in reducing the body weight considerably.
B-VitaminsAs vitamin B is very important in helping to overcome weight gain, the supplement has different vitamins of vitamin B such as B3, B6, and B12 to support the body. 
IodineIodine is very important for the proper functioning of the thyroid hormones and this helps to put you in a good mood and also to have a balanced metabolic rate. 

Health Benefits Of PhenQ

The different benefits that PhenQ has on your body include;

  • Helps in fat burning
  • Reduces the accumulation of unhealthy fat
  • PhenQ helps to reduce unwanted food carvings
  • Boost the energy of your body
  • Puts you in a better mood

Pros And Cons Of PhenQ


  • Highly effective natural formula
  • Scientifically backed ingredients
  • Maintaining high standards of manufacturing
  • Requires no prescription
  • Provides money-back guarantee


  • PhenQ is not suitable for people below the age of 18
  • Not always in stock due to huge demand

PhenQ Pricing Plans

☑️1 bottle of PhenQ – 30 days supply – $69.99 + Free U.S. shipping

☑️2 bottles of PhenQ + 1 Free – 90 days supply – $139.99 + Free U.S. shipping

☑️3 bottles of PhenQ + 2 Free – 150 days supply – $209.99 + Free U.S shipping

PhenQ Refund Policy

All purchases of PhenQ are covered by a 60 days money-back guarantee. As per the terms of the policy, you are free to return the supplement within 60 days of the original purchase if you are not getting the desired result from using it. You will then receive a complete refund of the amount that you spend on the purchase. 

2. Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is another successful supplement that helps to reduce weight by improving the metabolic activities in our body. Just like the name suggests, it is a supplement that is trusted and used by different MMA coaches and fighters who have made a name for themselves in the ring. One of the major reasons for the popularity of the supplement is the fat result that it gives.

Instant Knockout

As the result is comparatively st this does not mean that the supplement uses ingredients that are harmful to the body. Instant Knockout fat burner is completely legal, safe, and also highly effective.

All the ingredients used in the making of Instant Knockout are backed by scientific evidence and will turn the fat-burning mechanism of your body up. Instant Knockout capsules come in the form of capsules and a regular bottle of the supplement contains 120 capsules. Just like the ingredients present in the supplement also maintains the same standard in its manufacturing processes too. 

Instant Knockout Ingredients

The list of different ingredients used in Instant Knockout is as follows;

GlucomannanIt is a dietary fiber and is very helpful to keep your food craving under control. It also gives a feeling of fullness, thereby avoiding the intake of unwanted calories. There are also research details that show that the supplement is effective to boost the metabolism of the body. 
Cayenne Pepper SeedsIt is the action of the bioactive compound named capsaicin in cayenne pepper seeds that assists in boosting the fat-burning ability of the body. It is also effective thermogenic and helps the body in excessive fat oxidation. The Instant Knockout ingredient is also helpful in increasing the insulin sensitivity of the body. 
Green Tea ExtractGreen tea is one of the most popular ingredients used in cutting down weight. Different studies show that the extract has the ability to improve metabolic activities and also to burn up excess calories through thermogenesis. 
Black Pepper ExtractThe effect of black pepper in reducing weight is very fast along with that, it is also effective in aiding better digestion and also to elevate thermogenesis. It is also helpful to address the formation of fat cells in the body.
CaffeineIt is a well-known fact that caffeine has the ability to increase the energy level of your body. Along with this, it is also helpful in helping you to reduce your weight as it triggers thermogenesis. 
L-TheanineThe Instant Knockout ingredients are helpful in keeping the body calm and stress-free and there are different studies to support this claim. 
Along with all the mentioned ingredients above, Instant Knockout also contains different variants of Vitamin B that are helpful in keeping the body weight under control The  variations include
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12

Instant Knockout Benefits

  • Instant Knockout keeps the body weight in control
  • Helps to get a ripped and defined body
  • Instant Knockout helps to keep unwanted food cravings in check
  • Boost your energy levels 
  • Assist in maintaining muscle health

Pros And Cons Of Instant Knockout


  • Made using natural ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Backed by research data
  • No chemicals or artificial substances used
  • Follows high manufacturing stands


  • Available for sale only through the Instant Knockout official website
  • Not suitable for people below 18 years of age

Instant Knockout Supplement Pricing

☑️1 bottle of Instant Knockout – 30 days supply – $65 

☑️2 bottles of Instant Knockout – 60 days supply – $130 + Free U.S. & U.K. shipping

☑️3 bottles of Instant Knockout + 1 bottle free – 120 days supply -$195 + free worldwide shipping

3. PrimeShred

The third-best metabolism booster supplement is PrimeShed. It is one of the most potent and effective fat-burning complexes available in the market today. The fPrimeShed formulation of the supplement is based on different scientific facts and all the ingredients used in its making are also known for the benefits that they have on the body. Being proven highly effective, the PrimeShed supplement is known for its fast and lasting effect on the body.


Along with helping the body to cut down the excess fat, PrimeShred capsules are also effective in increasing the energy level of the body and also in improving mood and mental focus too. PrimeShred is a supplement that is made using high-quality natural ingredients only. There are no kinds of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or other artificial substances present in them.

The PrimeShed fat burner is also completely free from Gluten, dairy, and soy products. The manufacturing of the supplement also follows the highest standards. The supplement comes in the form of a capsule and a regular bottle of PrimeShred contains 90 capsules each. 

PrimeShred Ingredients

The list of ingredients present in PrimeShred includes;

Green Tea ExtractGreen tea is one of the most common ingredients that is used by people to assist in reducing body weight. One of the most effective reasons behind the working of the ingredients is its ability to boost the working of hormones such as norepinephrine. It is also beneficial in reducing the level of triglycerides which is a form of fat stored in the fat cells. 
L-TyrosineThis PrimeShed ingredient is effective in reducing stress in the body and is also helpful in improving the different functions of the body like focus, alertness, and concentration. 
L-TheanineThe PrimeShed ingredient has the ability to increase the level of happy hormones in the body. It also reduces the amount of fat and carbohydrates that are absorbed by the body and also increases the rate of metabolism in the body. 
Rhodiola Rosea RootGreen tea is one of the most common ingredients that is used by people to assist in reducing body weight. One of the most effective reasons behind the working of the ingredients is their ability to boost the working of hormones such as norepinephrine. It is also beneficial in reducing the level of triglycerides which is a form of fat stored in the fat cells. 
Caffeine AnhydrousHave a very positive effect in increasing the number of fat-burning hormones in the body. Along with this the ingredients also enhance other qualities of the body like focus, alertness, and also the level of energy. 
Along with these ingredients, a few other effective ingredients which have the potential to improve the fat-burning process in the body are also included in PrimeShred. 

PrimeShred Benefits

The different benefits of using PrimeShred include;

  • Improves the process of fat burning in the body
  • Boost energy levels 
  • Enhance mental focus
  • Accelerate the natural fat-burning process

Pros And Cons Of PrimeShred


  • Uses natural and scientifically proven ingredients in fat burning
  • No GMOs
  • Free of artificial sweeteners
  • No soy or dairy products
  • Gluten-Free


  • Available only for purchase through the PrimeShed official website
  • Often goes out of stock owing to the huge demand

PrimeShred Price Details

☑️1 bottle of PrimeShred – 30 days supply – $49.99 + free shipping

☑️2 bottles of PrimeShred + 1 free bottle – 90 days supply – $99.99 + free shipping

☑️3 bottles of PrimeShred + 2 free bottles – 150 days supply – $149.99 + free shipping

PrimeShred Refund Policy

If due to any reason, you are not satisfied with the effects or working of Prime Shred, then you are free to return the supplement within 50-100 days of the original purchase. By doing so, you will receive the money that you spend on the supplement as a refund. 

Choosing The Best Metabolism Booster Supplements For Weight Loss: Factors To Consider    

Are you someone who is currently facing the issue of weight gain? Then choosing the right metabolism booster supplement from the market is one the most effective ways through which you can tackle the issue.

But how to choose the best supplement from the huge number of supplements in the market? In order to do that there are a few factors that should be considered before buying. Some of the major factors that should be considered while buying such supplements are listed below. Make sure to read through it if you are planning to buy one any time soon.                                                               

Not just metabolism boosters but ingredients should be the prime concern if you are ever planning to buy any type of dietary supplement. The overall effect of the supplement and all the benefits that come from it depends on the ingredients. While looking into the ingredients, make sure that they are of the highest quality and also that there are no traces of any kind of chemical or artificial substances present in them. They have the potential to give rise to different kinds of side effects that can adversely affect the body too. 

Sometimes in order to attract more people, the makers of a supplement have the tendency to make claims that seem too good to be true. Watch out for such claims and supplements that advertise the impossible. But also keep an eye out for all the benefits that the supplement advertises. 

The customer reviews of a supplement include the opinions and experiences of people who have actually bought and used the supplement, So, having a look into it will give you a better picture of the supplement. This will give you insights into issues or any other things that are not available from any other sources too. 

When choosing a supplement, selecting one which has thor party testing is an ideal thing to do. Often such third parties work without any kind of bias, thereby giving you the fact just like it is. This will present an authentic image of the supplement to you. 

Even though the majority of the supplements are available or purchased without any medical prescription, it is always a good thing to take the opinion of a professional medical practitioner before selecting a health supplement. It is also good to know whether the chosen supplement is apt for your health and body type too.    

The Science Behind Best Metabolism Booster Supplements For Weight Loss Benefits

Metabolism booster supplements are one of the most effective ways through which you can bring down your body weight. According to different proven information, the process of metabolism is directly linked to body weight. Metabolism is the process through which the food that we eat is converted into energy. So, if the rate of metabolism is higher, then the body will have great energy and the food that we take will be broken off effectively.

But if the rate of metabolism is low, then the chances of food not being broken down effectively are also high. Such components get converted to fat and get deposited in the body. This fat contributes massively to the increase in body weight too. So, by increasing the rate of metabolic activities.

The changes in fat deposition are eliminated, thereby keeping your body in shape and weight under check. The different metabolism booster supplements available in the market also work based on this relationship. Different ingredients used in these supplements are the ones that have the ability to boost metabolism.


Through this article, we have looked into three of the best metabolism booster supplements that are currently available in the market. This supplement works on the fact that an active metabolic rate helps the body to burn down all the components of food and also to prevent unhealthy fat deposition in the body.

The differences in ingredients used in the supplement, the additional benefits that it has on the body, the pros and cons, and even the price details of all three supplements are mentioned in different sections for you to better understand.

So, if you are still having issues regarding body weight and no other supplement seems to give you the intended result. You are free to try out any of the three mentioned supplements for a better and lasting result. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to change my diet while taking a metabolism booster supplement?

While it is true that the supplement helps to boost metabolic activities. Choosing a healthy and easily digestible diet will only enhance the effect of supplements on your body. 

2. Do metabolism boosters improve the energy level of the body?

As metabolism is the process through which food is converted into energy, metabolism boosts supplements to give you an increased energy level. 

3. How does metabolism help to reduce weight?

If the rate of metabolism is higher, then the food that is taken in will be converted to energy rather than getting deposited as fat. 

4. What are the signs of a low metabolism rate?

Some of the most common signs of low metabolism rate include low energy, colder than average temperature of the body, and sometimes fatigue. 

5. Does exercise improve metabolism rate?

Following a regular workout routine will help you to improve your metabolic rate. 

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